Who is Rita Konigs husband?

biographer Philip Eades
She and her husband, the biographer Philip Eades, and their young daughter, Margot, now use the seven-bedroom, five bathroom property as a holiday home and also let it to others via Niche Retreats. “We absolutely love it.

Who is Rita Konig mother?

Nina Campbell
Rita Konig/Mothers
The 19th-century sofa in the foreground is upholstered in a fabric by Konig’s mother, Nina Campbell, the vintage cocktail tables are from Colefax and Fowler, and the mahogany side table is in the Chippendale style.

Where does Nina Campbell live in London?

Nina Campbell has been on Walton Street for over 40 years. It’s known amongst its fans as a treasure trove of home accessories and an Aladdin’s cave of gifts. It is not only the home of interior design accessories, but also the base for Nina Campbell and oomph Furniture. It’s the true hub of the Nina Campbell brand.

Who is Nina Campbell’s daughter?

Rita Konig
Nina Campbell/Daughters
The daughter of interiors legend Nina Campbell, Rita Konig made a name for herself writing on the making of stylish interiors in the pages of British Vogue and the highly successful book Domestic Bliss before ultimately joining “the trade.”

What makes Nina Campbell such a good designer?

Renowned for her contagious wit and brilliant sense of style, her designs appeal to both young and old and sit well in both contemporary and traditional interiors. Read more

What did Nina Campbell say about Rita Konig?

Halfway through my conversation with the interior designer Nina Campbell, she tells me something that makes her daughter wince: ‘As a child, Rita once refused to get out of bed because the temporary nanny said she had to wear the same dress she’d worn the day before.’ She looks at Rita. ‘And you were completely right, don’t you think?’

Who are the parents of Nina Campbell’s children?

Nina married Andrew Guy Louis de Chappuis Konig in 1971 with whom she had two children, Henrietta Lucy Elizabeth Konig (born July 1973) and Maximillian John Konig (born November 1976). They divorced in 1978. She then married John Henry Deen in 1981, with whom she had a third child, Alice Nina Deen (born 6 August 1982). They divorced in 1991.

What kind of interior design does Rita Konig do?

Rita may have begun her career working in her mother’s shop, but her style is now her own; she layers pretty colours and textures, creating a relaxed patchwork of old and new – an elegant, lived-in timelessness that is much in demand.