Who are the top 50 richest in the world 2020?

Icons Of Excellence

  • Jeff Bezos. $177 B. United States. Amazon.
  • Elon Musk. $151 B. United States. Tesla, SpaceX.
  • Bernard Arnault & family. $150 B. France. LVMH.
  • Bill Gates. $124 B. United States.
  • Mark Zuckerberg. $97 B. United States.
  • Warren Buffett. $96 B. United States.
  • Larry Ellison. $93 B. United States.
  • Larry Page. $91.5 B. United States.

Who is D richest man in d world?

Jeff Bezos
Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has a net worth of $193.8 billion and ranks as the richest person on the earth today. His position remains the same even after divorcing his wife MacKenzie in 2019 and transferring a quarter of his stakes in Amazon to her.

Who is the richest person in history?

Mansa Musa
Arguably the richest human to have ever lived, Mansa Musa ruled over the Mali empire in the 14th Century.

Who are the 50 Richest People in the world?

Using the calculations from the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, we put together a list of the 50 richest people in the world. Bloomberg updates its data at the close of every trading day in New York, and our list is based on the latest data available for January 4, 2019.

Who is the seventh richest man in the world?

Carlos Slim Helu comes seventh on Forbes’ list of World’s Billionaires. A telecom magnate considered the richest man in Mexico, Slim Helu has the massive net worth of $56 billion.

Who are the top 10 billionaires in the world?

Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Michael Bloomberg of Bloomberg L.P., appeared for the first time on the Forbes top 10 billionaires list, coming at fifth, sixth and eighth positions, respectively. Zuckerberg became the youngest top 10 billionaire this year at the age of 31.

Who is the second richest person in the world?

Bill Gates is the world’s second richest person with a net worth of $97 billion. He served as the world’s richest person for years until Jeff Bezos’ massive net worth increase withdrew him to the second position.