Who are Cory and Trevor?

Cory (played by Cory Bowles) is a younger resident of the trailer park, and is a name synonymous with his friend Trevor (played by Michael Jackson).

Why did Trevor and Cory leave?

Trevor and Cory were written out of season seven, It is explained that stress from having to grow dope under Ricky’s instruction sent them to a mental institution.

Are Cory and Trevor coming back?

Cory and Trevor were absent, their characters having been sent to a psychiatric hospital indefinitely. On Trailer Park Boys season 8, Cory reappeared, but Trevor was gone from the show for good.

Is Sarah dating Cory and Trevor?

In Season 4, she ‘adopted’ Cory and Trevor, in an attempt to keep them from getting too heavily involved with Ricky and Julian. However, in the movie “Trailer Park Boys: Say Goodnight to The Bad Guys” Sarah finally ended the relationship because she could no longer handle Jacobs obsession with Julian.

What kind of people are Cory and Trevor?

Choose up to 7 games Cory and Trevor are probably heterosexual, but on the other side of it, they once unknowingly hooked up with two male cross-dressers , knew exactly when the male dancers were on stage at the strip club, and had little problem agreeing to work on men at Julian’s erotic massage parlour.

What does Ricky have for Cory and Trevor?

Rickyisms that Ricky has for Cory and Trevor? My favourite is Simple and Garfuckle. 19 comments share save hide report 90% Upvoted This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast Sort by: old (suggested) level 1 · 9y Astronaut Cock and Snoopy the Fuck Dog. 44 Share ReportSave level 2 · 9y

What does bubbles call Trevor in Cory and Trevor?

Bubbles also ridicules Trevor in particular, calling him a skinny alien, or variations of same. Julian, for his part, went through a long phase where he defended them to Ricky and tried to ‘train’ them, and this riled Ricky at the time.

What did Cory and Trevor sell in Trailer Park?

When the boys opened up a convenience store in a shed in the park with Sarah in a managerial role, they specialized in selling loose cigarettes and bootleg DVDs and porno movies, something they mistakenly announced to broadcaster Steve Rogers live on Channel 10.