Which university is best for musical theatre?

Top 20 College Musical Theatre Programs According to a College Audition Coach

  • Baldwin Wallace University.
  • Boston Conservatory.
  • Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Elon University.
  • Emerson College.
  • Florida State University.
  • Ithaca College.
  • Marymount Manhattan College.

Is Pace a good school for musical theatre?

Pace University School of Performing Arts (New York, NY) Pace is among the top schools in the country for both acting and for musical theatre.

Does Pace University have a musical theater program?

Develop Your Unique Talent As a conservatory-style program, the Pace School of Performing Arts Musical Theater BFA offers you the opportunity to showcase your abilities and talents while preserving and refining your individuality.

How hard is it to get into Elon musical theatre?

This audition season, the overall acceptance rate into the music theatre program was 2.5 percent, making it one of the most competitive music theatre programs to be admitted to in the country.

How many colleges should I apply to musical theatre?

For many music students, submitting between five and ten applications is a good number, even if the schools on your list can’t be easily categorized as “reaches,” “matches,” or “safeties.” Applying to a much larger number of schools may seem like a tempting strategy to hedge your bets, but it can backfire if it leads …

Is Pace University a good school for acting?

NEW YORK – OnStage has named Pace University’s School of Performing Arts the “Best Theatre College” in New York for 2017. The rankings include one school from each state for the theater news outlet’s first-ever ranking of college programs.

Can I do musical theatre without a degree?

The theatre industry is one of the rare fields where you can rise to the top without having been required to graduate from a top college program or college at all. …

Does NYU have a good musical theatre program?

Both musical theatre programs at NYU offer unique, creative experiences for aspiring artists. NYU is one of the best for theatre. …