Which uni is Starter for 10 set?

Bristol University
Production. Despite being set at Bristol University, the main quad and Gustave Tuck lecture theatre of University College London were used as sets. The University of Bristol Students Union building is in fact the university’s School of Chemistry.

When was starter for 10 filmed?

It was the story of a working-class underdog in 1980s Bristol, but the star-studded cast of 2006 film Starter for 10 have become huge global stars in their own right.

Does Netflix have starter for 10?

Watch Starter for 10 on Netflix Today! NetflixMovies.com.

Who is the male lead in the movie 10?

Dudley Moore
10 opened at number one in the United States, earning $3,526,692 ($12.6 million in 2019) its opening weekend….Accolades.

Award Golden Globe Awards
Category Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy
Recipients Dudley Moore
Result Nominated

What does a good starter for 10 mean?

A phrase often used in the programme is ‘Your starter for ten’ to introduce a first question worth ten points.

Why is it called Starter for 10?

Two teams are in competetition. They are asked a common question. The team that gets the correct answer then goes on to three further questions. The starter question is worth 10 points – hence the phrase, and the other three questions 5 points each.

How Long Has University Challenge been running?

First aired in 1962, University Challenge was then capable of drawing audiences of 11 million a week. Twenty-five years later, it was axed by ITV in 1987, when viewing figures fell to 1 million following relegation to an off-peak slot. The show was relaunched by the BBC in 1994.

Does Amazon Prime have starter for 10?

Watch Starter For 10 | Prime Video.

What does a starter for 10 mean?

Was Peter Sellers in the movie 10?

Peter Sellers turned down numerous offers to play the lead role, but made a cameo appearance as a jazz drummer in a restaurant scene. The scene was cut from the movie.

Who was John Derek’s wife?

Bo Derekm. 1976–1998
Linda Evansm. 1968–1974Ursula Andressm. 1957–1966Pati Behrsm. 1948–1956
John Derek/Wife

What starter means?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a person who initiates or sets going: such as. a : an official who gives the signal to begin a race. b : one who dispatches vehicles.

Who are the actors in starter for 10?

Cast. Cast overview, first billed only: Joseph Friend. Young Brian. James Gaddas. Martin Jackson. Catherine Tate.

How did Your starter for 10 get its name?

That TV show’s famous catchphrase”Your starter for 10″gives the film its title. Upon arriving at university, he seizes upon the opportunity to join Bristol’s University Challenge team.

Who is Rebecca Epstein in starter for 10?

At Bristol he tries out for the Challenge team and falls under the spell of Alice, a lovely blond with an extensive sexual past. He’s smitten, and he carelessly manages to hurt the feelings of Rebecca Epstein, a friend whose politics and wit he admires.