Which job has highest salary in Kenya?

10 Highest Paying Jobs in Kenya & Their Salaries

  1. Medicine.
  2. Accounting, Actuaries, Finance Experts.
  3. Politics.
  4. Marketing.
  5. NGO and Civil Societies.
  6. Information Technology.
  7. Lecturers.
  8. Media Presenters.

How much does an architect earn in Kenya?

An early career Design Architect with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation of KSh 734,694 based on 12 salaries.

How can I make 1000 a day in Kenya?

40 Ideas on How To Make 1000 a Day in Kenya

  1. Swagbucks.
  2. Life Points.
  3. Triaba.
  4. Survey Monkey.
  5. Prize Rebel.
  6. Mint Vine.
  7. Rev.
  8. SpeechPad.

Which course is highly paid in Kenya?

Mechanical engineering When it comes to marketable courses in Kenya, mechanical engineering is at the very top. Diploma graduates in this course find themselves earning a starting salary of more than 100K when they land jobs in the government and blue chip companies.

How can I make 30 dollars a day?

There you go, 14 foolproof ways to make $30 a day.

  1. Cashback Sites.
  2. Paid Surveys.
  3. Online Panels.
  4. Playing Video Games.
  5. Food Delivery.
  6. Delivering Goods.
  7. Grocery Delivery.
  8. Flea Market Flipping.

What business can I start with 20k in Kenya?

List of Businesses to Start with 20k

  • Selling second hand (Mtumba) Clothes. Many young people have resolved to sell this kind of clothes.
  • Printing and Photocopying.
  • Poultry farming.
  • Selling Baby Diapers.
  • Operating a Daycare/ school.
  • Start a Car Wash.
  • Start a Movie shop.
  • Operating a Coffee Shop.

What jobs are in demand in Kenya?


  • AGRICULTURE. The Agricultural sector has been one of Kenya’s leading sectors from time immemorial.

Who is the poorest man in Kenya?

Kang’ata is probably one of the modest politicians in Kenya. He has sometimes claimed that he lives simply, having made investments while working as a lawyer for the future support of his family. He has also been described as Kenya’s ‘poorest’ MP.

Which is the best job site in Kenya?

Jobs in Kenya .co .ke (Kenyan Jobs Blogspot) is a premier jobs directory service in Kenya. We list the latest and comprehensive vacancies / career opportunities in Kenya at no charge. Register your eMail here to Receive Alerts.

How many people have been trained by CareerSafe?

The CareerSafe online program is the first of its kind. It’s an entirely online, built from the ground up learning experience that’s available any time, and from anywhere. With over 2 million students trained across all 50 states, it is CareerSafe’s ultimate goal to ensure every young worker in America has access to affordable safety training.

What kind of experience do you need to get a job in Kenya?

The Job holder should have a number of years of experience in a C-level commercial role in medium to large organizations with a focus on marketing, brand building, sales and customer experience. He/she should have led in the acquisition and retention of both B2B and B2C customers.

Which is the best microfinance company in Kenya?

SHOFCO is a trusted name and service provider with a 10-year track record. BIMAS Kenya Limited, a leading microfinance institution in the country seeks to recruit capable and result oriented individuals to fill the following positions. Degree in Secretarial Studies or a Diploma in Secretarial studies.