Where is the university town of Marburg located?

It is one of the smaller “university towns” in Germany: Greifswald, Erlangen, Jena, and Tübingen, as well as the city of Gießen, which is located 30 km south of Marburg. In 1529, Philipp I of Hesse arranged the Marburg Colloquy, to propitiate Martin Luther and Huldrych Zwingli .

Which is the best restaurant in Marburg Germany?

Marburger Esszimmer 7. Weinstube Weinladele 8. Zur Sonne “Am Family that Cook the best food over…” 9. Restaurant Ancho 10. Bistro Early “Great restaurant!” 11. Restaurant Ratsschanke 12. Die Pause 13. LUA 9 Vietnamese Street Kitchen 14. Waldschlosschen Dagobertshausen “Relaxed Birthday Celebration with…” 15. Edlunds “Best Terrace in Town!!”

Where is the Marburg wallpaper factory in Germany?

The Marburg Wallpaper Factory is a medium-sized family firm, led by the fifth generation of the founding family. All our production facilities are in Kirchhain, not far from Marburg, in Hesse. Our products are 100% “made in Germany”. We are proud of our heritage without resting on our laurels.

How is Marburg different from other Hessen cities?

As a larger mid-sized city, Marburg, like six other such cities in Hessen, has a special status as compared to the other municipalities in the district. This means that the city takes on tasks more usually performed by the district so that in many ways it is comparable to an urban district (kreisfreie Stadt).

How did Marburg, Germany get its name?

Rather, it is named after the family of knights “von Kalb”, whose court was located in the street fork behind the gate. However, the fact that Marburg was a well-fortified small town was the only way to deter enemies in the Middle Ages. Relatively peaceful times were experienced.

When did Marburg in Thuringia become a town?

The settlement was protected and customs were raised by a small castle built during the ninth or tenth century by the Giso. Marburg has been a town since 1140, as proven by coins. From the Gisos, it fell around that time to the Landgraves of Thuringia, residing on the Wartburg above Eisenach .