Where is the company Ursus SA located in Poland?

Ursus SA (often stylized URSUS SA) is a Polish producer of agricultural machinery located in Lublin . The company has historically been linked to Warsaw, and the company has strong historic roots regarding Polish tractor production history.

Where was the body of the URSUS SA made?

The body-and-chassis shells were completed by Bogdan and shipped to an Ursus plant in Lublin, where Ursus would install the axles, electrical propulsion equipment (supplied by Cegelec ), seats and other fittings, to complete the vehicles.

What was the purpose of the Ursus Factory?

The Ursus factory was the focus of an extensive investment initiative in the 1970s under Edward Gierek. Under this programme, large loans were taken from western banks for the purpose of importing modern equipment and methods that would cause expansion of Polish industry and growth of the Polish economy.

Who are the main shareholders of Ursus SA?

Bumar Ltd became the main shareholder of Ursus Company, leading to Ursus becoming part of Bumar Industrial Group, which is marketing Ursus products both on foreign and domestic markets. In 2007, Uzel Holding of Turkey announced they were buying 51% of Ursus. Both Uzel and Ursus are, or were, licensees of AGCO ‘s Massey Ferguson.

What kind of tractor is the Ursus tractor?

URSUS Sp.z o.o. is a Polish tractor manufacturer under the Ursus brand, and has built models based on old Massey-Ferguson and common designs of Ursus and Zetor. Some of their 1950 models were based on Zetor designs and components.

Who is the manufacturer of the Ursus Zetor?

Ursus Zetor tractors were sold by Ursus, and were Zetor-built tractors. In Pakistan, SirGroh Ursus tractors have been produced by URSUS Company Ltd, part of SirGroh Holdings. They have since been produced under the Ursus brand by Farmall Technology.