Where is the best place to level up in Maplestory?

Maplestory Leveling & Training Guide – Best training spots to level up your characters from zero to max, including Reboot server and fifth job spots 210-220 Training: Level 140 — Chu Chu Island, Slurpy Forest Depths Eree Valley: Torrent Zone 3

How to improve your training days in Maplestory?

Here’s some steps on improving your training days: grinding while having fun! Don’t overdo it. Don’t. Getting burnt out is a real thing, especially in MapleStory. Compared to other online games nowadays, MapleStory’s endgame requires you to focus on only a few mobs and a few bosses.

Where to find military camp 1 in Maplestory?

Excavation Site Military Camp 1 is a hidden map, which means you can’t see it on the world map. To get to this map, go to Excavation Site Excavation Intermission Area in Perion. Walk up to the old tower on the right side and enter through the open gate. Map: Excavation Site Military Camp 1

Which is the best training map for maplelegends?

Another option would be Cubes. Although they have a lot of hp considered for their level and exp, they drop 60% Chaos scrolls which could be fetched for a large sum or used to scroll. Another optimal training map is Monkey Forest 2, it has zombie lupins and platforms that are meant for ranged classes.

Where to find hidden Street unbalanced time MapleStory?

To get to this map, head to Ludibrium Warped Path of Time <3>, go to the top of the map, and enter the orange portal on the far right side. Map: Hidden Street Unbalanced Time; Star Force Requirement: 26 Stars; Mob: Dual Ghost Pirate (Star Force) Level: 119; HP: 2,186,175 (Normal) / 3,279,262 (Reboot) EXP: 10,530 (Normal) / 12,636 (Reboot)

When to go to gravi stonegar In MapleStory?

Level 40-45 Gravi Stonegar at East Pantheon: Enchanted Forest is an interesting training spot. The mobs here have more HP than regular mobs, but give much more EXP per mob in turn. If you have a strong character, you can head to Gravi Stonegar at level 35 instead of 40.

What are the levels of Zakum In MapleStory?

Level 100-105 1 Map: Final Mission: Zakum’s Altar 2 Mob: Normal Zakum [Boss] 3 Level: 110 4 HP: Arms – 700,000 each / Body – 7,000,000 5 EXP: Arms – 44,800-67,200 each / Body – 360,340