Where is Shonen Jump located?

Weekly Shōnen Jump

Cover of the first issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump, released in 1968
Company Shueisha
Country Japan
Based in Tokyo
Language Japanese

How do I contact Shonen Jump?

Shonen Jump on Twitter: “@sldy93 Call customer service: 1-800-541-7919.”

Where is Shonen Jump located in Japan?

This is the Shueisha building located in Jinbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Its modern design suits the progressive city.

Can I submit to Shonen Jump?

Can I submit my story ideas or manga to Shonen Jump? At this time we are not accepting any original content—all of the manga you see in Shonen Jump comes directly from the Japanese Weekly Shonen Jump magazine and its partners.

Who animates Saiki K?

On March 23, 2019, Netflix announced on their booth at AnimeJapan 2019 that it will produce an original anime series. Hiroaki Sakurai is returning to direct the anime at EGG FIRM and J.C. Staff. In Weekly Shōnen Jump Issue 46, 2019, it was announced that the new series will come out in the Winter 2019 anime season.

Can Americans work at Shonen Jump?

Yes, you can. Manga culture is no longer only a Japanese thing, in fact most Manga written in Japan or by Japanese are supported by Manga artist from Korea and China artists especially when it becomes Anime.

How do I email Shonen Jump?

Address is PO Box 77010, San Francisco, California, 94107, United States and website of Shonen Jump is www.shonenjump.com. The Email Address of Shonen Jump is [email protected]

Is Shonen Jump legal?

Shonen jump alpha is the only legal manga site i can think of. As personal threads are not allowed this thread is closed.

Who is Saiki K girlfriend?

Aiura Mikoto) is a soothsayer, also known as an oracle. She is another love-interest of Kusuo’s and constantly fights with Reita.

Who likes Saiki?

Saiki is Teruhashi’s love interest. In chapter 289 saiki is partnered up with teruhashi only. And Saiki was that they will get together in the end due to his annoyance anime!

What is the phone number for Shonen Jump?

The address of Shonen Jump is PO Box 77010, San Francisco, California, 94107, United States. The contact number of Shonen Jump is 415-546-7086.

When was the first issue of Shonen Jump published?

Shonen Jump is a Shonen manga anthology published monthly by Viz Media in North America. The first issue was published on the November 26, 2002. Serialized chapters from four manga series, articles on the language and culture of Japan are featured in this magazine. Video games and figurines are also highlighted in this magazine.

Do you have to have a viz account to play Shonen Jump?

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When to order Shonen Jump magazine for Christmas?

“If you want a subscription to be a Christmas present, you will need to place your order at the beginning of October or first week of November to ensure delivery by January 1st. The reason is that most publishers do not print a magazine in December or January. They actually print these issues in advance of the holiday season.