Where is Roxy Music from?

County Durham, United Kingdom
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What type of music is Roxy Music?

Country music
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Who founded Roxy Music?

Formed in 1971, Roxy Music was largely the brainchild of Ferry, who had studied with Richard Hamilton, a key figure in British pop art. A shifting early lineup stabilized around Ferry, Mackay, Eno, Manzanera, and Thompson.

When was Roxy Music formed?

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How old is Bryan Ferry from Roxy Music?

75 years (26 September 1945)
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Why did Bryan Ferry wear an eye patch?

I think they might have seen me doing “Love Is The Drug” on TV when I wore a real eye patch for my injured eye. Artificial Intelligence is of great interest to me.

Who wrote Love Is The Drug?

Andy Mackay
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What year Love is the drug?

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When did the Roxy Music album manifesto come out?

Manifesto is the sixth studio album by the English rock band Roxy Music. It was released in March 1979 by E.G. in the UK, Polydor in Europe and by Atco Records in the US. Following an almost four-year recording hiatus, Manifesto was Roxy Music’s first studio album since 1975’s Siren.

What was the highest charting Roxy Music Album?

The album itself peaked at number seven on the UK Albums Chart. In the United States, the album peaked at number 23 on the Billboard 200, making it Roxy Music’s highest-charting album in the US.

When did do the Strand by Roxy Music come out?

Notes In later pressings, “Virginia Plain” is included on the album Roxy Music. “Do the Strand” was released as a single in 1973 in some countries, but not the U.K. Only released in the U.S. Only released in Portugal and the U.S. Only available as a promo in Spain.

How did the band Roxy Music get their name?

The group’s name was derived from Ferry and Mackay making a list of old cinemas, and Ferry picking Roxy because it had a “resonance”, some “faded glamour”, and “didn’t really mean anything”. After learning of an American band with the name Roxy, Ferry changed the name to Roxy Music.