Where is Nathaniel Ayers now?

Ayers no longer lives on the street and is currently living at a facility in LA where he is safe, has access to doctors, therapy and can often be found playing one of several instruments.

What was Nathaniel Ayers diagnosed with?

The man turned out to be Nathaniel Ayers, once a promising cellist who dropped out of the Juilliard School of Music in the 1970s after developing schizophrenia.

Who is Mr Ayers?

Nathaniel Anthony Ayers, Jr. (born January 31, 1951) is an American musician. He is the subject of numerous newspaper columns, a book, and a 2009 film adaptation based on the columns. A foundation bearing his name was started in 2008 with an aim to support artistically gifted people with mental illness.

How did Nathaniel Ayers become homeless?

Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez says he’ll never forget the night that he slept on Skid Row with Nathaniel Ayers, a former Juilliard double bassist that became homeless after experiencing a mental breakdown and schizophrenia. Ayers pulled two sticks out of his shopping cart full of personal items that night.

When was Nathaniel Ayers diagnosed with schizophrenia?

MOORE: Nathaniel has been diagnosed as schizophrenic. It actually happened in the ’70s when he was attending Juilliard. After that, he actually dropped out of Julliard. He lived on the streets in Cleveland for a while and then moved to L.A. So, for more than 30 years, he actually had lived on the streets.

How did Steve Lopez end up in the hospital?

How did Steve Lopez end up in hospital? Steve was riding his bike and fell off. Steve had a car accident.

Why did Nathaniel Ayers refuse treatment?

Ayers was unable to care for himself and needed the appointment of a conservator — his stepsister — who will have the authority to consent to forced commitments and medication even if Mr. Ayers objects. Mr. Ayers rejected all of that.

Where was Nathaniel Ayers born?

Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Nathaniel Ayers/Place of birth

Does the soloist have a happy ending?

Their story, though, has only a qualified happy ending. “I will not romanticize it,” Lopez says.

Which type of medication would be an effective treatment for schizophrenia?

Clozapine is the most effective antipsychotic in terms of managing treatment-resistant schizophrenia. This drug is approximately 30% effective in controlling schizophrenic episodes in treatment-resistant patients, compared with a 4% efficacy rate with the combination of chlorpromazine and benztropine.

What mental illness does Nathaniel have in the soloist?

‘The Soloist’: Living With Mental Illness On Skid Row The Soloist tells the story of Nathaniel Ayers, a homeless cellist who has schizophrenia.

What mental illness is in the soloist?

The Soloist is a 2009 American film based on the true story of Nathaniel Ayers, a Juilliard musical prodigy who has schizophrenia. The film is set in Los Angeles, California where an L.A. Times writer, Steve Lopez, has his life changed forever.