Where is Gooderham Lake located?

Gooderham Lake is a lake in Haliburton Highlands and has an elevation of 330 metres. Gooderham Lake is southwest of Gooderham Creek.

Can you swim in Gooderham Lake?

Swimming. You can enjoy swimming at public beaches on four lakes where water quality is tested regularly: Gooderham Lake, 1085 Lakeshore Road, Gooderham.

What kind of fish are in Gooderham Lake?

Gooderham Lake is a lake in Ontario, Canada. The most popular species caught here are Smallmouth bass, Largemouth bass, and Walleye.

How big is Gooderham Lake?

212 acres
Haliburton Highlands Visitor’s Guide 2021

Lake Information
Total Surface Area 85.7 hectares/212 acres
Perimeter Shoreline 7.7 kilometres/4.8 miles
Islands Shoreline
Maximum Depth 18 metres/60 feet

What did Mr Gooderham do for a living?

George Horace Gooderham (April 18, 1868 – December 22, 1942) was a Canadian businessman and politician. From 1908 to 1919, he was a Conservative member in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, representing Toronto South and then Toronto Southwest.

Can you swim in the Irondale River?

Then the river begins to get slow and dull until Furnace Falls. An easy 70 m portage and a fun place to play & swim. An hour later you will be at the Three Brothers Falls.

What kind of fish are in Paudash Lake?

Lake trout
WalleyeLargemouth bassPumpkinseedWhite sucker
Paudash Lake/Fish
The lake has a surface area of 7.5 km2 (1,900 acres) and a maximum depth of 46 m (151 ft). Fish species include largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, walleye, lake trout, perch, pumpkinseed, northern cisco, white sucker, and small bait fish of various types.

Where does the name Gooderham come from?

The Gooderham surname is thought to derive from an Old Norse personal name and literally means “battle-snake.”

When was Gooderham building built?

The Gooderham, or Flatiron, Building at Front and Wellington Streets, was built by George Gooderham in in 1891, predating New York’s more famous Flatiron building by 10 years.

Is Burnt River swimmable?

Swimming – The Burnt River is deep and weed-free along much of its length, and combined with its gentle current make for great teen-age and adult swimming. The banks of the River are often steep, which makes wading and swimming for children more problematic.

Where does the Burnt River start?

Kawartha Lakes
Cameron Lake
Burnt River/Mouths

Is lower Paudash Lake weedy?

Excellent swimming, no weeds with private dock and canoe on-site. 3km from the boat launch, LCBO, grocery shop + gas station. 10mins to downtown Bancroft. Functional kitchen with propane stove, BBQ and indoor + outdoor fireplace.

Where is Gooderham Lake in Ontario, Canada?

Gooderham Lake (also known as Pine Lake to the locals) is located at the village of Gooderham Ontario in Haliburton County the lake reaches maximum depths of 18 metres (60′) and has a perimeter of 7.7 km. (4.8 miles)

Why is Gooderham Lake into the woods for family vacation?

Why Choose Gooderham Lake Into The Woods For Your Family Vacation? Family Activities To Enjoy While Staying At Gooderham Lake Into The Woods: Minutes to the Hamlet of Gooderham with LCBO, grocery and Chinese restaurant. 15 Minutes to the Village of Haliburton with many stores, restaurants, and attractions

How many people live in Gooderham highlands east?

Our wonderful community is located in the Municipality of Highlands East which is part of the naturally stunning and picturesque County of Haliburton. It is home to more than 700 full time residents, hundreds of seasonal residents and more than 30 locally owned and operated businesses available to serve you.

Where is a good place to visit in Ontario?

“Come see us for yourself, and experience the wonder and beauty of the country and charm of a small town… Gooderham, Ontario.” Located just over 2 hours from Toronto and 4 hours from Ottawa, Gooderham is an easy place to escape the busy life of the city to enjoy the tranquility and fun that can be found around here and all around us year round.