Where do I send my transcripts to NYU?

All mailed transcripts and other proof of graduation documents, however, should bear an official stamp, be signed and mailed from a student’s school in a sealed envelope to: New York University Office of Undergraduate Admissions, 383 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10003, USA.

Do transcripts have address?

Transcripts also contain personal information like your name, marital status, any name change after marriage, student identification number or social security number, address and date of birth to authenticate your identity.

What transcripts does NYU require?

If you are offered admission and enroll, we require that you send us official transcripts, as follows: (1) one final transcript showing conferral of your undergraduate degree (baccalaureate or equivalent); (2) one final transcript from any institution in which a degree was conferred (e.g., if you received a master’s …

How do I send official transcripts to colleges?

Official transcript should be submitted by your counselor. If the counselor submits online, the transcript should be attached to your school forms. Otherwise, transcripts should be sent directly to the schools to which you are applying. Please contact each admissions office for the exact address or procedure.

How do I read my NYU transcript?

You can view your unofficial transcript through NYU Albert under the Grades and Transcripts section of the Student Center. Select “View my unofficial transcription” with your pop-up blocker off in your browser to view.

What makes a transcript official?

Official paper transcripts are sent in a sealed, signature-stamped envelope. An electronic transcript is considered OFFICIAL if the intended party is the direct email recipient. An electronic transcript which is printed then re-scanned in an email is considered UNOFFICIAL.

How do I access my NYU transcript?

If you are able to access NYUHome/Albert, you can request an official transcript by signing into Albert and going to your Student Center. From the drop down menu, click on “Transcript-Official”.

Can I send my transcript myself?

Who sends my transcripts? You can’t personally provide the transcript because it must be an “official transcript” received directly from your high school. If a college does accept unofficial transcripts, you can request one from your guidance counselor and send it yourself.

Where do I get my NYU School of Medicine transcript?

If you attended NYU more than once, for example for an undergraduate and a graduate degree, you will need to request one transcript for each career. Students attending or who have attended the Grossman School of Medicine must contact their school’s record office directly to request a transcript.

How to get official transcripts for NYU Tandon?

Any transcript you personally upload to the online application will be considered unofficial. Please contact your previously attended institutions to arrange for official transcripts to be sent to us directly. If your institution offers the option to send Official Electronic Transcripts, they should submit them directly to [email protected]

How to request a transcript from NYU Albert?

You can request an official eTranscript through NYU Albert through the Request Official Transcript link under the Grades and Transcripts section. An eTranscript is a good option if you need to send attachments with your transcript. eTranscripts can be sent with up to two attachments.

Can you get a NYU transcript if your record is on hold?

Transcripts cannot be produced if your record has been put on hold for an outstanding University obligation like a financial hold. If you attended NYU more than once, for example for an undergraduate and a graduate degree, you will need to request one transcript for each career.