Where did the Royal British Legion start?

In Penryn, Cornwall, the ex-Service community formed one of the first branches of the Comrades of the Great War under the command of Captain Noel Blamey and began helping military families. On 23 August 1921 a meeting was held to change the organisation into a branch of the British Legion.

Why was the British Legion founded?

The British Legion was founded in 1921 as a voice for the ex-service community as a merger of three organisations: the Comrades of the Great War, the National Association of Discharged Sailors and Soldiers and the National Federation of Discharged and Demobilized Sailors and Soldiers, and incorporated the fundraising …

What is the purpose of the Royal British Legion?

We provide recovery and rehabilitation support to currently serving and ex-service personnel who are wounded, injured, sick. The same support is also available for those who are experiencing multiple challenges such as being out of work, dealing with mental health problems, financial issues and alcohol abuse.

How rich is the Royal British Legion?

The RBL is the wealthiest of Britain’s ten biggest military charities. Between them, these ten have combined assets of £1.4 billion, plus reserves of £277 million, prompting increasingly angry accusations of ‘cash hoarding’.

Who founded the Royal British Legion?

Douglas Haig, 1st Earl Haig
Frederick Lister
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How much does it cost to join the British Legion?

Become a member of the Royal British Legion family today and take pride in supporting all generations of the Armed Forces community. Membership starts from only £18 a year and is open to everyone.

Who owns the Royal British Legion?

The Royal British Legion is honoured to have Her Majesty the Queen as our Patron. While having royal patronage from its founding in 1921, the Legion received its “Royal” appellation in 1971 on its golden anniversary. Our National President is Lt General James Bashall CB, CBE appointed in May 2019.

How much did the Royal British Legion raise?

In 2018, the Poppy Appeal raised a record £55m, distributing 40 million poppies, seven million pin badges and running about 500 community events.

How old is the British Legion?

100 years (May 15, 1921)
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Who is the CEO of the British Legion?

General James Bashall CB
Our National President is Lt General James Bashall CB, CBE appointed in May 2019.

Can I join the Royal British Legion?

Membership is open to everyone, you don’t have to be a serving or ex-Service person. If you have an interest in the work of the Legion and want to help and support those who have served and their dependants, come and join us. We welcome men and women of all ages, whether they have served in the Armed Forces or not.

What’s the history of the Royal British Legion?

Our history 1 The Royal British Legion has been supporting Service men and women, ex-serving personnel and their families since 1921. 2 And we’re not going anywhere. 3 As a result of the war, Britain’s economy plummeted and in 1921 there were two million people unemployed.

How to contact the Royal British Legion charity?

Join Team RBL today. More about this Our team is just a phone call away. Call us on 0808 802 8080. Lines are open from 8am-8pm every day. Latest stories from the Legion. News and updates Supporting families with disability benefit claims Registered Charity No 219279

How often does the Royal British Legion visit veterans?

The Legion support nearly 36,000 War Disablement Pension cases for war veterans and make around 300,000 welfare and friendship visits every year.

Is the Royal British Legion a registered trademark?

The Poppy is the trademark of The Royal British Legion, RBL states “The red poppy is our registered mark and its only lawful use is to raise funds for the Poppy Appeal”. The paper poppies are manufactured at the Poppy Factory in Richmond.