Where can you pan for gold for free in Montana?

Gold panning on Montana’s Rivers will still produce gold nuggets and fine gold….Below are 7 Montana Rivers that are worth checking out.

  • Missouri River.
  • Big Hole River.
  • Boulder River.
  • Blackfoot River.
  • Yaak River.
  • Clark Fork River.
  • Bitterroot River.

Is there gold in Helena Montana?

Mining in the Region Although the height of mining activity is long over at Last Chance Gulch, there is still gold in the area. In fact, downtown Helena was built right on top of rich placer ground that would still contain gold if there weren’t homes and building sitting on top of it.

Where can I pan for gold in Montana?

The Libby Creek Recreational Gold Panning Area is located 23 miles south of Libby, Montana, within the Kootenai National Forest. The public is allowed to pan for gold within this area and any gold you happen to find is yours to keep.

Can you prospect for gold in Montana?

In Montana, you can see gold panning demonstrations in several locations. At the Kootenai National Forest near Libby, an entire area has been dedicated for gold panning. You can also try your luck at Alder Gulch, in Nevada City.

Can you sluice for gold in Montana?

There is bound to be a lot of gold left in Montana. Some pretty big nuggets have been found, so metal detecting would be a worthwhile approach. You can sluice, pan or dredge with success if you find the right spot, and as mentioned, a lot of the public land is open to you.

Is there still gold in Montana?

Today’s active Montana gold mines include the Golden Sunlight and Montana Tunnels. Some gold placers are also still in production such as the Confederate Gulch and Browns Gulch. Even several titanium mines produce gold as well for example East Boulder Project, Stillwater, and Lodestar.

Do I need a permit to pan for gold in Montana?

To summarize, panning doesn’t require any permits. Small sluices are allowed, but suction dreding is heavily regulated. A detailed breakdown of Montana’s gold mining laws can be found on the USDA’s official PDF guide for prospecting.

Is there gold in Big Sky Montana?

The Gallatin River Gold Prospect is in Big Sky, Montana and is part of the Beaverhead National Forest.