When did iBUYPOWER start making gaming desktops?

iBUYPOWER has been building high-end gaming PCs since 1999. As demand for the best gaming computers grew, iBUYPOWER focused on building gaming desktops specifically designed for the most astute PC gamers.

Who are the companies that make gaming computers?

By partnering with industry recognized brands such as Intel, NVIDIA, AMD, Microsoft, Western Digital, Asus, MSI, and many more, our gaming computers are built using trusted components designed to meet any price point.

What makes a gaming computer a gaming PC?

You can think of a gaming PC as a beefed-up PC with higher and more powerful components to run the latest and greatest games. A gaming PC typically would have a more powerful central processing unit (CPU), graphics processing unit (GPU), memory or RAM, and larger storage units. Also, “What is the best gaming PC for my budget?”

Can a gaming PC be used for work?

The components within a gaming pc can run tasks and games with better proficiency. With games requiring better hardware to run, gaming pc are the perfect solution to run up and coming games and can double as a pc for work/school. Learn more of our Gaming PCs.

Is there such a thing as a gaming desktop?

Despite the allure and simplicity of gaming consoles and handheld devices, PC gaming is still very alive and very much kicking. Indeed, it’s never been stronger. Enthusiasts know that nothing beats the quality of gameplay you can get with a desktop built for gaming.

Which is the best gaming desktop from HP?

HP’s Omen 30L is a solid pick for a mainstream gaming tower, if a smidge unpolished inside. It’s widely configurable, with AMD and Intel CPU flavors, overclocking options, and RGB lighting.

Which is the best gaming desktop from MSI?

MSI’s right-priced Aegis RS mid-tower caters to high-end gamers with its Intel Core i7 “Rocket Lake” CPU, fierce GPU power, and elite-quality build. In this AMD Ryzen 5000-powered and Nvidia “Ampere” loadout, the Origin PC Chronos crams full-tower desktop power into a mini-ITX chassis with few compromises.