What year did the JCM 900 come out?

Enter the JCM®900. Released in January 1990, the JCM900 boasted higher gain and lower noise coupled with the classic Marshall tone.

How many watts JCM 900?

4100 100
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What is the difference between JCM 800 and 900?

800 is midrangey and crnchy with good gain for hard rock, really loud. 900 has a similar voicing, is brighter, and has more gain. 2000 has a bit more gain than the 900, a scooped midrange, and more bottom end.

Who uses JCM900?

This incredibly popular amplifier came out in the 90’s, and the first notable users were Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day) and Noel Gallagher (Oasis). It was the sequel to the JCM 800, and the predesscor to the JCM 2555. It is definetely a great amp for any pro out there in this huge world.

What does Marshall JCM stand for?

James Charles Marshall
The “JCM” stands for Jim’s full initials — James Charles Marshall.

What does JCM mean Marshall?

The name comes from Jim Marshall’s initials, “J.C.M.”, coupled with the meaningless “800” from the number plate on his car. It was later noted that “800” stood for the decade. For example, the JCM900 was released in 1990 and the JCM2000 was released in 2000.

Is JCM 800 high gain?

Boosted jcm 800 indeed can be considered gain wise in high gain territory, but there’s a lot more factors, mostly in the way the amp reacts to player’s picking. 6505 for example, despite it’s limitations (I don’t like them stock too much, fizzy and overly saturated), is one of the “fastest” high gain amps ever.

Why is a Marshall called a plexi?

The name originates from its shiny, Plexiglas panel, commonly used on Marshall amps between 1965-1969. The 68 specification amps were a hit with Jimi Hendrix, Cream and The Who, creating huge amounts of exposure and marking the ‘Plexi sound’ as the sound of rock.