What was the rank of a Luftwaffe General?

Rank insignia Insignia Insignia Insignia Title Approximate equivalents during World War Collar Shoulder Sleeve ( Flight suit) US UK N/A Reichsmarschall General of the Armies Generalfeldmarschall General of the Air Force

Who was the Luftwaffe commander in World War 2?

Oberstlt (ObLt) Wing Commander Lieutenant Colonel Oberst Oberst (Ob) Group Captain Colonel General Major GenMaj Air Commodore Brigadier General

What was the RAF rank in World War 2?

RAF Rank USAAC Rank Flieger Fl / Flg Aircraftsman 2nd Class Airman (Amn) Gefreiter Gefr Aircraftsman 1st Class Airman 1st Class (A1C) Obergefreiter Ogfr Leading Aircraftsman Hauptgefreiter Hptgefr Unteroffizier Uffz Corporal Sergeant Unterfeldwebel Ufw Sergeant Feldwebel Fw Sergeant Technical Sergeant Fähnrich (Fahnenjunker)

Is the Double Wing part of the Luftwaffe uniform?

The double wing (also: aviator wing) is part of the mounting loop of any Luftwaffe uniform. It is woven in the colour of all other emblems (in most cases: black (image b.) – or gold by general ranks (image c.)).

Who was in charge of the Luftwaffe during World War 2?

Göring, using his political capital, was able to get significant resources allocated to the Luftwaffe, more so than the army ( German: Heer) or the navy ( German: Kriegsmarine ); all three forces existing within the combined Wehrmacht German armed forces of the Reich.

Who are some famous people from the German Air Force?

Many well-known fighter pilots of the Wehrmacht ‘s Luftwaffe joined the new post-war air force and underwent refresher training in the US before returning to West Germany to upgrade on the latest U.S.-supplied hardware. These included Erich Hartmann, Gerhard Barkhorn, Günther Rall and Johannes Steinhoff.

Who is the chief of Staff of the German Air Force?

The German Air Force Flying Training Center activated on 31 March 1996, with German Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Portz and U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Michael Ryan present. The Luftwaffe has since stationed up to 800 personnel at Holloman for training exercises, due to limited training space in Europe.