What type of gem is andalusite?

Andalusite is a transparent to translucent gem that derives its name from Andalusia in Spain where it was first discovered. The gem is actually a polymorph of two gem varieties: Sillimanite and the hugely popular Kyanite. This means they are identical in chemical composition but differ in crystal structure.

What is andalusite worth?

Andalusite is on average $40 dollars per carat. However, andalusite gemstones that feature custom cuts, and a higher than average play of light and colors, are valued at higher prices. *Unlike most gemstones that are cut to minimize color play, andalusite is cut to maximize the full pleochroic effect.

What is andalusite mineral?

Andalusite is a naturally occurring alumino-silicate mineral commonly found in metamorphic rocks. It is a high-purity mineral composed of prismatic and anhydrous crystals. Containing up to 60% alumina, andalusite transforms into mullite at low temperatures of between 1,200°C and 1,550°C.

How do you identify andalusite?

Andalusite is a low pressure metamorphic mineral and is a polymorph of kyanite and sillimanite. Its formula is Al2SiO5. Keys to identification are high relief, low birefringence and parallel extinction. Color – generally colorless, rarely reddish.

Is andalusite a rare stone?

Andalusite is a rare precious gem with a history of mistaken identity. It takes several forms, including one called Chiastolite, which forms a natural cross-pattern.

Can andalusite go in water?

Certain crystals boost the working place so keep them on your desk, others help you relax so keep them in the lounge or living room. To cleanse a Andalusite gemstone, hold it under running water, a spring or stream is ideal but a tap will do, then let the Andalusite dry in the sun for a half an hour or so.

Can Sardonyx go in water?

Use clear water Sardonyx and its energy come from nature, so we can also use natural methods to help cleanse and purify the stone. Place the stone in a flowing stream or river and rinse it with water for 20 minutes before drying it.

What kind of color does andalusite have?

Andalusite gemstones are remarkable for their fascinating color habits and very strong pleochroism, which can cause a muliticolored effect of shades of yellow, olive-green, and reddish-brown within a single gem. Although Andalusite as a mineral is not uncommon, the transparent variety used as a gem is very rare.

What is the chemical formula for andalusite rock?

Andalusite is a rock forming minerals and is an aluminium nesosilicate minerals with the chemical formula Al2SiO5.At higher temperatures and pressures

What is the hardness of 3.01 CT andalusite?

With a hardness of 6.5 to 7.5, it could find a home in almost any type of jewelry setting. 3.01-ct andalusite, eye clean, medium-dark yellowish green/reddish brown, pear brilliant cut, 14.3 x 6.9 mm, Brazil. © The Gem Trader.

What kind of pleochroism does an andalusite have?

Andalusite has very distinctive and attractive pleochroism. This gem can show up to three different colors (trichroism) depending on the viewing angle and the gem’s cut and orientation. Sometimes, andalusites can even show multiple colors from one viewing angle. What are the Best Gem Shapes for Andalusite Jewelry?