What type of character is Pi Patel?

Pi is an eager, outgoing, and excitable child, dependent on his family for protection and guidance. In school, his primary concerns involve preventing his schoolmates from mispronouncing his name and learning as much as he can about religion and zoology.

How does Pi mature in Life of Pi?

Expert Answers The short answer is through self-reliance. On the physical level this involves his ability to survive through unimaginably trying conditions. But his self-reliance also finds expression through Pi’s intellectual and imagination.

What do the characters represent in Life of Pi?

The investigators note parallels between the two stories. They soon conclude that the hyena symbolizes the cook, the zebra the sailor, the orangutan Pi’s mother, and the tiger represents Pi.

What is the characteristics of Ravi Patel in Life of Pi?

Pi tells us that he is well known at school since he was involved in sports. In Chapter 5, we learn that Ravi is ”a fearsome bowler and a powerful batter, the captain of the town’s best cricket team. ” In other words, he is a jock, and a popular one too.

Is Pi a hero?

Pi is the hero that undergoes such ordeals on the Pacific Ocean, suffering physically and mentally.

Who are the main characters in life of Pi?

Piscine Molitor Patel is the protagonist and, for most of the novel, the narrator. In the chapters that frame the main story, Pi, as a shy, graying, middle-aged man, tells the author about his early childhood and the shipwreck that changed his life.

How old is Pi Patel in The Lion King?

Pi Patel is a young boy of the age of sixteen that survives 227 days out at sea. He is a skinny boy with dark hair and large, dark eyes. Since Pi is the son of a zookeeper he has grown up with a love for animals and has a good understanding of their behaviours. Pi’s real name is actually Piscine Molitor Patel, and Piscine means ‘pool’ in French.

How does Pi’s quest affect his character development?

Pi’s quest gives him an improved sense of self and a further belief in the existence of God. In telling the story without animals he describes how he killed and cannibalized the cook that murdered his mother. The external factors of Pi’s situation cause him to act on the anger and desperation within him and so he becomes a killer.

How did Parker respond to Pi in life of Pi?

Captured as a cub, Parker grew up in the zoo and is accustomed to a life in captivity. He is used to zookeepers training and providing for him, so he is able to respond to cues from Pi and submit to his dominance. However, he is no docile house cat.