What should I add to my dorm?

Bath and Bedding

  1. Comforter and/or quilts (Consider bringing sturdy, easy-to-wash items)
  2. Throw blanket.
  3. Bed sheets (Suggested Size: Twin XL)
  4. Pillows.
  5. Pillowcases.
  6. Mattress pad.
  7. Reading pillow.
  8. Alarm clock.

What can I use to cool my dorm room?

You could place a strong stand-up fan near the foot of your bed, and a box fan on your desk to cool you when you are sleeping or studying. Two fans will definitely cool your room down more. There are cooling fans that you could purchase that have a cooling mist function.

What to do when you’re bored in your dorm?

Here are 15 things you can do to relax and have fun in the comfort of your dorm room….Many are also activities that you can do with your roommates and friends!

  • Movie night.
  • Cook or bake.
  • Paint night.
  • Play a board game.
  • Do a puzzle.
  • Read a book.
  • Exercise.
  • Spa night.

How do I get the coolest dorm?

Cool Dorm Rooms: 12 Tips for An Awesome Dorm Room!

  1. Maximize the space you have.
  2. Avoid the basic poster sale posters.
  3. Cover those walls with tapestries.
  4. Mirrors make a space feel bigger.
  5. Rugs to cover gross floors.
  6. Lots of lighting.
  7. Use your accessories as art.
  8. Loft your bed (srsly)

How do you keep a dorm room cool without AC?

7 Tips for Cooling a Room Without AC

  1. Keep the Windows Closed and Covered.
  2. Shut and Insulate Your Doors.
  3. Don’t Use the Oven.
  4. Swap Your Light Bulbs.
  5. Use Fans the Right Way.
  6. Manage the Humidity.
  7. Let the Night Air In.

How do I make my dorm room cozy?

12 brilliant dorm room decorating ideas to make your space feel homey

  1. Create a photo wall. Rawpixel.com / Shutterstock.
  2. Bring some plants.
  3. Light up the night.
  4. Slide into soft sheets and a comfy comforter.
  5. Loft your bed to create a study nook.
  6. Add a mirror.
  7. Create a homey feel with curtains.
  8. Add a headboard.

What do students do when bored?

Things to do when boredom strikes

  • FaceTime your friends. It’s hard being away from your friends.
  • Watch a movie “together” Netflix party is a Chrome extension that allows people to watch anything on Netflix at the same time.
  • Do a puzzle.
  • Read a book.
  • Learn a new skill.
  • Learn a new language.
  • Listen to a podcast.
  • Clean your room.

What do college students like to do for fun?

31 Things To Do In College Besides Party

  • Go To The Movies. The movies were my jam in college!
  • Try A New Restaurant. Ya girl loves to eat!
  • Hang Out At The Library.
  • Cheer On A Sports Team On Campus.
  • Check Out What Your Campus Theater Group Is Up To.
  • Go To A Concert.
  • Do A Crafting Project.
  • Cook With Your Friends Or Roommates.

What are fun things to bring to college?

Here are 15 fun things that no one tells you to bring to college, but that you totally should anyway:

  • Decorations.
  • Something that smells reallllly good.
  • Candles.
  • Tarot cards, poker chips, Clue, or other fun games.
  • Husband pillows.
  • Shot glasses.
  • Fancy wine glasses.
  • Your old Halloween costumes.

What are some must-haves for your dorm room?

Wall putty is a must-have item for any room, but especially a dorm room. With a similar feel and texture to Silly Putty, wall putty is a reusable adhesive that you can use to hang up photos, posters, and other items, making it perfect for college dorms.

What do you actually need for your dorm room?

Dorm Items You Actually Need Ottoman. Whether you’re able to loft your dorm bed or not, an ottoman is perfect for seating and extra storage. Shower Caddy. Do not forget a shower caddy! Hydroflask. I highly highly recommend this water bottle. Cubed Organizer. These are inexpensive and so useful. Throw Blanket. Airpods. Body Pillow. Mattress Topper. Muji Pens. A Really Good Dry Shampoo.

What do I need for a dorm room?

Dorms require sheets, blankets, pillows and towels. You’ll need an alarm clock, laundry basket, hangers and storage locker. Depending on what’s included with your room, you may need a waste basket, desk lamp, nightstand, bean bag chair and full-length mirror. Don’t forget clothes for all types of weather.

What to buy for a college dorm room?

What to Buy for a College Dorm Room Sheets. One of the most comforting things you can get for your student is a great set of sheets. Humidifier. Dorm rooms can get hot and dry in the winter. Noise-Canceling Headphones. Noise-canceling headphones come in handy for listening to music without disturbing others. Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Handheld Vacuum. Coffee Maker. Microwave Oven.