What ports does Exchange server use?

Port Number

Port Number Microsoft Exchange Server Listens for
Port 25 Incoming SMTP messages to Internet Mail Connector and Internet Mail Service
Port 80 Incoming connections from Microsoft Outlook Web Access Server
Port 389 Incoming connections from LDAP clients

What ports does Exchange ActiveSync use?

What port numbers does ActiveSync use? ActiveSync requires WorldClient to use port 80 for non-secure (SSL) HTTP connections, and 443 for SSL/HTTPS connections, for both the built-in web-server or running under a third-party web-server like Microsoft IIS.

What ports need to be open for Exchange 2016?

List of ports related to Exchange:

  • DNS: 53 (The default has been opened)
  • HTTP/HTTPS: 80/443 (The default has been opened)
  • IMAP4: 143/993.
  • POP3: 110/995.
  • SMTP: 25/587.

Does port 80 need to be open?

No port 80 required. If you have a firewall and proxy, “80” is subjective. It’s HTTP traffic so it should be open for web browsing. If you are on a network that has 80 locked down through a proxy, then that’s a while other thing.

What is Lumension endpoint security device control ( sanctuary )?

Endpoint Security Device Control. (formerly Sanctuary) Lumension®. Enforce Security Policies for Removable Devices, Media and Data. Data leakage caused by the accidental or sometimes malicious use of removable devices and/or removable media has reached alarming levels.

What do I need to know about the exchange firewall?

TechNet includes a number of articles that document many if not all of the ports and protocols Exchange Server utilizes during the course of normal operation. These documents are often misunderstood as “configure your firewall this way” articles.

Which is network ports and URLs are required for the KACE SMA?

Any outbound ports that require access out to the internet are labeled as ‘NAT’ in the Direction column. Some unique configurations, such as allowing SMTP inbound directly to the SMA will require slight deviation and custom configuration outside the confines of this list. When in doubt, contact KACE Support for clarification.