What NCAA has road to glory?

“Road to Glory” mode is still a relatively new addition to the EA Sports franchise, and it shows in NCAA ’14. The theory is awesome: relive your glory days in high school football, get recruited by schools and work your way up the depth chart. You can even export your player to Madden.

Does NCAA Football 12 have road to glory?

Road to Glory mode has been ill-served in the past few years, but EA Tiburon is focusing its attention on the mode for NCAA 12 with some structural changes. Players start Road to Glory mode playing through a full high school senior season.

Does NCAA 13 have road to glory?

Whether you want to run through a quick edition of the Rocky Mountain Showdown or start a career as a blue-chip high school recruit, NCAA 13 has a mode to meet your mood. Road to Glory and Heisman Challenge give you plenty to sink your cleats into.

When did Road to Glory start in NCAA?

Much later in life I did become a five-star prospect – all of it in EA Sports’ NCAA Football’s singleplayer career mode, which has been called Race for the Heisman, Campus Legend, and since 2009, Road to Glory. It’s the first singleplayer career mode in a team sports simulation, going back to NCAA Football 06.

Who is on the cover of NCAA 12?

Mark Ingram Jr.
Mark Ingram Jr. on the cover of NCAA Football 12. NCAA Football 12 is a college football video game created by EA Sports and developed by EA Tiburon. It is the successor to NCAA Football 11 in the NCAA Football series.

Can you transfer teams in NCAA 13 Road to Glory?

Road to Glory puts you in the cleats of a single player as he lives through his collegiate career. You’ll only be playing this player: no switching! And further, you don’t get to call plays no matter what your position, even the QB.

How do you change the difficulty in NCAA 13 Road to Glory?

From the main menu select “Road To Glory” ,and create a new player. Choose Freshman difficulty. Edit him anyway you please.

Does NCAA 10 have road to glory?

This year, for NCAA Football 10, the mode is known as Road to Glory and now features the reporting talents of the wonderfully delicious Erin Andrews. Sadly there really aren’t many other additions to the standard Campus Legend formula.