What movie is Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty?

The song has been used in a number of films, including: Zodiac, Good Will Hunting, and A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints.

How much was Gerry Rafferty worth when he died?

Probate records released last week reveal that his estate was worth £1,747,802, reduced after liabilities to a net total of £1,248,524. The star sold ten million records in his 40-year career.

Who played the guitar solo in Baker Street?

Hugh Burns
In addition to a searing guitar solo, played by Hugh Burns, the song featured a prominent eight-bar saxophone riff played as a break between verses, by Raphael Ravenscroft. Rafferty claimed that he wrote the hook with the original intention that it be sung.

Is Gerry Rafferty still alive?

Deceased (1947–2011)
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What train lines go to Baker Street?

The station is in Travelcard Zone 1 and is served by five lines. On the Circle and Hammersmith & City lines it is between Great Portland Street and Edgware Road. On the Metropolitan line it is between Great Portland Street and Finchley Road.

Who sang vocals on Stuck in the Middle With You?

Stealers Wheel
Stuck in the Middle with You/Artists
Overview. “Stuck in the Middle” was released on Stealers Wheel’s 1972 eponymous debut album. Gerry Rafferty provided the lead vocals, with Joe Egan singing harmony. It was produced by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.

Where is Joe Egan now?

BlogKihn has the same wording as Wiki, and concludes that ‘as of 2005, Egan lives in Renfrewshire and runs a publishing company from his home’.

Who sang the song Stuck in the Middle With You?

Stuck in the Middle with You/Artists

What nationality is Gerry Rafferty?

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Is Stealers Wheel a one hit wonder?

Stealers Wheel were a Scottish folk rock/rock band formed in 1972 in Paisley, Scotland, by former school friends Joe Egan and Gerry Rafferty. Their best-known hit is “Stuck in the Middle with You”….

Stealers Wheel
Genres Pop rock, folk rock, soft rock, pub rock
Years active 1972–1975, 2008
Labels A&M

When was the song Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty released?

“Baker Street” is a song written and recorded by Scottish singer-songwriter Gerry Rafferty. Released as a single in 1978, it reached No. 1 in Cash Box and No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, where it held that position for six weeks, behind Andy Gibb’s “Shadow Dancing”.

Where did Gerry Rafferty live as a child?

Singer/songwriter Gerry Rafferty was born on April 16, 1947 in Paisley, Scotland. He was the third son of Irish miner and lorry driver Joseph Rafferty and Rafferty’s Scottish wife Mary Skeffington. His abusive alcoholic father died when Gerry was only sixteen. Rafferty grew up in a council house on the town’s Glenburn estate and attended St.

Where does the song Baker Street come from?

The saxophone line serves as the opening theme to the syndicated US radio program of financial author and motivational speaker Dave Ramsey. The opening bars of the song appear at the start and the end of the TV show New Tricks Season 5 episode 6 (Magic Majestic).

When did Foo Fighters cover the song Baker Street?

The US rock band Foo Fighters covered the song on their 1998 My Hero UK CD single release, on the Australian tour pack (Grey cover) release, on the Limited edition European bonus EP and as one of several bonus tracks added to the remastered tenth anniversary release of their second studio album, The Colour and the Shape, reissued in 2007.