What manga has Masashi Kishimoto written?

Masashi Kishimoto (岸本 斉史, Kishimoto Masashi, born November 8, 1974) is a Japanese manga artist….

Masashi Kishimoto
Occupation Manga artist
Years active 1997–present
Employer Shueisha
Notable work Naruto Samurai 8: The Tale of Hachimaru

Was Samurai 8 Cancelled?

The official cancellation Weekly Shonen Jump, the manga’s publisher made an announcement that “Samurai 8: Tale of Hachimaru” chapter 43 will be the last. Fans commented that it is sad that it has ended but others say that they are happy with the decision.

Is Kishimoto writing Boruto Manga now?

Masashi Kishimoto, the Naruto series’s original creator, will be taking over as story writer for the sequel Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga. As the new story of Boruto unfolds, several changes and new directions were made, such as the joining of Masashi Kishimoto in the production team.

Is there a samurai 8 anime?

Samurai 8: The Tale of Hachimaru

サムライ8 八丸伝 (Samurai Eito: Hachimaruden)
Imprint Jump Comics
Magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump
Demographic Shōnen
Original run May 13, 2019 – March 23, 2020

Why did Samurai 8 end so fast?

Apparently, with the “Samurai 8: The Tale of Hachimaru” chapter 43 being the last, his plan did not push through, and it was not because he did not want to. The decision was based on the outcome and feedback from the readers and as it turned out, it is not getting enough followers to merit a continuation.

Is Samurai 8 any good?

In all other aspects, it is a perfectly average shonen action series that often apes Kishimoto’s previous work, while showcasing (in some respects) his evolution as a creator. In many ways, Samurai 8 feels like it would have been a massive hit if it had started 10 years ago.

What went wrong with Samurai 8?

Kishimoto needed to appeal to a new generation, and he failed to do so. The introduction of Ann, too, gave some hope that Kishimoto would be exploring new characters and character dynamics. But it was not to be. As soon as the story moved away from its initial setting, the end of Samurai 8 was more or less sealed.

What inspired Masashi Kishimoto to create Naruto?

The manga itself is very well known in Japan and is cited as being an inspiration for Naruto. The Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto even did a really hilarious fanboy interview with Samura where he revealed that the designs for Kakashi and Iruka-sensei were directly inspired by Magatsu and Manji from Blade of the Immortal.

Does Masashi Kishimoto have a family?

Masashi Kishimoto: Wife, Dating, Family & Friends. Kishimoto married in 2003 and he has one son . He revealed that he never went on a honeymoon with his wife until 2015 as he is very busy. It is also known to fans that some of the details in his manga was originated from the interactions between the artist and his wife.

Does Masashi Kishimoto have a twin?

Masashi Kishimoto was born in the Okayama Prefecture, Japan on November 8, 1974 as the older identical twin of Seishi Kishimoto. During his childhood, Kishimoto showed interest in drawing characters from the anime shows he watched, such as Dr. Slump’s Arale and Doraemon ‘s titular protagonist.

Did Kishimoto make the Boruto story?

Kishimoto is the one responsible for creating the entire narrative of Naruto, after all, so he must use the same manga jutsu to establish a compelling story for Boruto and his teammates. Boruto’s arrogance and aversion to becoming a ninja is what drove devoted fans away from the series.