What kind of motorcycle was used in the movie Easy Rider?

Harley-Davidson chopper
Captain America, the Harley-Davidson chopper ridden by Peter Fonda in 1969’s Easy Rider, will be auctioned off by Dan Kruse Classics in early June. Although it’s as controversial as the movie that made it famous, the bike could still fetch half a million dollars when it goes under the hammer.

Where are the original motorcycles from Easy Rider?

Though in years past a documented Easy Rider Captain America bike was on display at the National Motorcycle Museum, (shown in the gallery photos) the Captain America bike and Billy bike now on display are replicas of the two matching bike “props” made for the 1969 cult classic motion picture.

What was Billy’s bike in Easy Rider?

The 1949, 1950 and 1952 Harley Davidson Hydra-Glide bikes were purchased at an auction for $500, equivalent to about $3200 in current money….Billy Bike – Easy Rider Bike Specifications – Movie Bikes.

Paint Color(s) Red., Yellow
Paint Theme Flames – True Flame
Seat Leather / Handtooled

Who built the bikes for the movie Easy Rider?

Benjamin F. Hardy
July 25, 1921 Lincoln County Georgia = Los Angeles, California, U.S. Benjamin F. Hardy was an African-American custom motorcycle builder who made the Captain America and Billy choppers for the 1969 Peter Fonda road movie Easy Rider.

How much is the Easy Rider motorcycle worth?

According to Brian Chanes, acquisitions manager for the auction house, the bike’s estimated value is between $1 million and $1.2 million.

Who owns the original Captain America bike?

It’s owner was a collector and realtor named Michael Eisenberg. The bike hit the auction block and sold for a princely $1,350,000. Then along came a Texan named Gordon Granger, who claimed that he was, in fact, in possession of the original Captain America. The sale was nullified.

What is the point of Easy Rider?

“Easy Rider” takes the gang leader (Fonda) and condenses his gang into one uptight archetype (played by director Hopper.) It takes the aimless rebellion of the bike gangs and channels it into specific rejection of the establishment (by which is meant everything from rednecks to the Pentagon to hippies on communes).

Who is streaming Easy Rider?

Watch Easy Rider – Stream Movies | HBO Max.

Does Easy Rider hold up?

Easy Rider certainly does not hold up well. Fonda is wooden and Hopper is spaced-out. The only thrill is found in watching Nicholson at the birth of his superstardom.

What were the motorcycles from Easy Rider?

The motorcycles used in Easy Rider were not simply rolled out of a showroom and in front of the camera. They were “choppers ,” crafted by hand. They were “choppers,” crafted by hand.

What was the motorcycle in Easy Rider?

The motorbike ridden by Peter Fonda in Easy Rider has been sold at auction. The iconic Harley-Davidson chopper-style motorbike ridden by Peter Fonda in the 1969 classic Easy Rider was sold for $1.35 million (£840,000) at auction this weekend.

What is an Easy Rider Motorcycle?

The Easy Rider motorcycles were based on hardtail frames with panhead engines and were built by LA chopper builders Cliff Vaughs and Ben Hardy on designs from Fonda. There are many replicas of the Captain America and Billy Bike choppers, the most faithful being at the Harley-Davidson museum in Milwaukee.