What kind of game is Rakion for PC?

Rakion focuses on intense battles with RPG style characters and settings to provide an engaging fighting experience. Build your character, improve your combat skills, summon creatures as allies and work out clever strategies to win the battle alone or as a team. Is this game relevant to you?

Is there a free version of Rakion Latin?

Rakion is an free online strategy action game from Softnyx. The game focus on intense sword on sword battles with RPG style characters and settings, along with the strategic battle plans to provide the ultimate battle experiences. You can now experience the palm of sweating battles of console games online.

Is there a way to download Rakion client?

You can download Rakion Client via Torrent now. Download U Torrent file by clicking ‘U Torrent Download’ and proceed installing. Once installed, download Rakion Client by clicking ‘Client Download (U Torrent)’. 1. DirectX must be at least 9.0 or better.

What kind of memory does a Rakion need?

– Rakion is best suited with 256M or higher memory. – There may be a trouble processing the game with minimum specification so we recommend you lower the resolution in game option. – Window 98 is the best to operate it any other O/S.

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How are characters promoted in Rakion Chaos force?

Characters that reach the maximum level and meet certain criteria, can be promoted to the Advanced Class, by accomplishing special quests. The Advanced Class Characters keep their status, but gain access to a brand new powerful weapon. Experience a whole new level of combat with the Advanced Class Characters.

What can you do with dissolving items in Rakion?

Dissolving items you don’t use anymore is a way to obtain materials that can be used to craft other advanced items or to enchant them. Materials for crafting or enchanting items can be obtained by dissolving items or by clearing stages. You can infuse your characters and creatures with the mighty attributes of water, fire and wind.