What kind of duvets do Premier Inn use?

The duvets contain a microfibre blend, which the brand says makes them ‘extremely light, soft and plush’. It says that the duvets ‘provide you with the Premier Inn comfort you can count on’. Nearly 100,000 people saw Tik Tok user Char Connor raving about the brand’s pillows on the platform back in March.

How often do Premier Inn change their mattresses?

Great if you’re a multinational hotel who changes the beds every 12 months but not so great for the consumer who changes their bed on average every 7 years.

Which is the best Hypnos mattress to buy?

Best Hypnos Mattresses Reviewed

  • Top Choice – Superb Pillow-Top Pocket Spring.
  • Best Hypnos Mattress For Bad Back – Sublime Pocket Spring.
  • Best Hypnos Mattress For Side Sleepers – Deluxe Pocket Spring.
  • Best Firm Hypnos Mattress – Elite Pocket Spring Mattress.
  • Best Wool Hypnos Mattress – Woolcott Pillow-Top Pocket Spring.

Does Premier Inn offer NHS discount?

Please note that currently there is no official NHS discount at Premier Inn. However, we have provided you with the best savings and deals.

Are Hypnos mattresses good for bad backs?

Hypnos Orthocare 6 A good mattress for your bad back, featuring its unique ReActive™ 6 pocket spring system. With each individual spring independently sensing your weight and shape distribution. The Orthocare 6 mattress has 3 zones, providing your body with support where it needs it most.

Can you put a Hypnos mattress on a slatted bed?

Can I put any Hypnos mattress onto a slatted bedstead? All of our mattresses are compatible with a NEW slatted bedstead; you must however ensure that the slats on the bedstead are no more than 3.0” (7.5cm) apart and that there is a central support rail on ‘Double’ sizes (135 x 190cm, approx. 4’6 x 6’3) or over.

Does Premier Inn have NHS discount?