What kind of car is the Volkswagen Golf Mk2?

The Golf Mk2 was available as a 3- and 5-door hatchback. The 2-door and 4-door sedan variants of the Golf Mk2 were marketed under the Volkswagen Jetta name. No cabriolet version was developed from the Mk2; instead, the Mk1-based convertible continued to be produced, with minor changes. Trim levels included base, C,…

When did the Volkswagen Golf 16V come out?

In 1986 (1987 for North America) a Golf GTI 16V was introduced; here the 1.8 litre engine output was 139 PS (137 hp; 102 kW) at 6,100 rpm (or 129 metric horsepower (95 kW) for the catalyst version) and 168 newton-metres (124 lbf⋅ft) at 4,600 rpm of torque, the model was marked by discreet red-and-black “16V” badges front and rear.

Can a Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk2 be repaired?

Some today feel less responsive, but a good service, curing vacuum leaks and fitting a new genuine Volkswagen blue temperature sender should restore them to sparking health.

When to change cambelts on Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk2?

Cambelts should be swapped every 40,000 miles (or 5-6 years on cars doing low mileages) and the idler should be replaced at the same time. Check the engine starts readily when hot.

Is there a Volkswagen Golf Mk2 with sunroof?

Golf Limited. Based on the Rallye Golf, a very limited edition Golf Mk2 variant exists, combining all of the high-line options (such as leather interior with heated and height adjustable front seats, 4 electric windows, electric mirrors, ABS, power steering and sunroof) available at the time.

When did the second generation Volkswagen Golf come out?

The second-generation Volkswagen Golf (also known as the Typ 19E until the 1991 model year, and Typ 1G thereafter) was launched in Europe at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1983, with sales beginning in its homeland and most other left-hand drive markets soon after.

When did the Volkswagen Golf Syncro come out?

Golf Syncro In February 1986, Volkswagen presented the first Golf with four-wheel drive. This Golf Syncro was available as a five-door with the 1.8 engine only (90 PS (66 kW; 89 hp), later 98 metric horsepower (72 kW; 97 hp)).