What kind of amp does Larry Carlton use?

Brandon Montgomery of Bludotone makes Carlton’s current workhorse amps. Onstage, Carlton uses a Bludo-Drive 100/50 plugged into a 1×12 Bludotone closed-back cab that sports an Electro-Voice EVM12L speaker and has two cylindrical baffles for harmonic tuning. He keeps identical amps in Europe and Japan for touring.

What kind of acoustic guitar does Larry Carlton play?

Carlton is best known for his 1969 Gibson ES-335. Other guitars he owns and plays include a 1951 Fender Telecaster, a 1964 Fender Stratocaster, and a 1955 Gibson Les Paul Special.

What gauge strings does Larry Carlton use?

What strings do you use? “I use D’Addario 0.010 to 0.052.

What year is Larry Carlton es335?

Throughout it all, the main constant in Carlton’s wide-ranging career has been his beloved 1968 Gibson ES-335, which he still uses today.

What gauge strings does Bill Frisell use?

Bill Frisell uses D’Addario EXL115 strings, amongst other D’Addario sets.

What kind of guitar does Larry Carlton play?

For someone who has tracked as many sessions as Carlton, three Gibsons, two Fenders, and two Valley Arts 6-strings might seem like a modest number, but each one is very special. The belle of the ball is Carlton’s #1, a 1969 Gibson ES-335 he purchased new in ’69. This is the guitar that earned him the “Mr. 335” moniker.

How is Larry Carlton different from Steely Dan?

LA session man extraordinaire and Steely Dan collaborator, Larry Carlton’s tone has – like Robben Ford’s – also changed considerably over the years; his contemporary sound is much cleaner and using his considerable taste, Larry Carlton also makes full use of the Dumble’s extensive headroom for control over dynamics, attack and sustain.

What kind of amp did Allman Brothers use?

He used a simple rig of two 50 Watt Marshall heads into two 4 x 12-inch cabs. His tone on the legendary Allman Brothers recording Live at the Filmore Eastis a destination for anyone wanting to capture the ultimate blues tone.

What kind of amp did Eric Clapton use?

Within one year earned a huge reputation and the nickname “Slowhand”. The Bluesbreakers recorded the Beano album in April 1966 and Clapton used a Marshall Series 2 1962 JTM 45 combo with KT 66 tubes. This amp coupled with the Les Paul guitar created a new kind of sound no one had ever heard before in blues.