What is your best PowerPoint tip trick or hack?

Top 12 PowerPoint Tips and Hacks for Flawless Presentations

  1. Keep it simple. Keep your slides simple.
  2. Reduce the text.
  3. Plan your content first.
  4. Use PowerPoint Designer for ideas.
  5. Use PowerPoint templates.
  6. Edit the Slide Master.
  7. Use PowerPoint Shapes for visuals.
  8. Choose the right fonts.

How do you make cool things on PowerPoint?

10 Pretty Awesome Things You Can do With PowerPoint

  1. Animations.
  2. Motion Paths.
  3. Text and Image Emphasis.
  4. Follow the Bouncing Ball.
  5. Narrate over Slides.
  6. Use PowerPoint as a Blank Template for Building Video Content.
  7. Embed a YouTube Video in your PowerPoint Presentation.
  8. Create an Animated GIF from a PowerPoint Slide.

What does PPT stand for?


Acronym Definition
PPT Parts Per Thousand
PPT Power Point File format/extension (Microsoft)
PPT Precipitate (chemistry)
PPT Percentage Points (financial reports)

How do I make my PowerPoint look professional?

10 PowerPoint hacks to make your presentations look more…

  1. Write before you design.
  2. Start with a title slide that piques interest.
  3. Stick to simple designs.
  4. Emphasize one point per slide.
  5. Use text sparingly.
  6. Select images for impact.
  7. Practice your verbal presentation.
  8. Run it by a colleague.

What is PPT time?

PPT is: Paid Personal Time. You do this by combining an employee’s earned vacation time, their allotted sick days, your scheduled holidays and any other days off you offer, such as an employee’s birthday or a religious holiday.

What is ppt number?

Parts Per Thousand. PPT. Power Point File format/extension (Microsoft)

What are some cool Microsoft PowerPoint tricks?

” then “Add Effect.” You will see “Motion Paths.”

  • and then “Convert to SmartArt”
  • 3D Animated Pictures.
  • Picture Slide Show.
  • What are some good PowerPoint tips?

    Avoid the temptation to dress up your pages with cheesy effects and focus instead on simple design basics: Use a sans serif font for body text. Sans serifs like Arial, Helvetica , or Calibri tend to be the easiest to read on screens. Use decorative fonts only for slide headers, and then only if they’re easy to read.

    How do you make your own PowerPoint?

    Steps Open PowerPoint. Click Blank Presentation. Click the View tab. Click Slide Master. Select a slide format to edit. Click Insert Placeholder. Select a placeholder. Select a location. Reposition items on your slide. Change the slides’ backgrounds. Select a template font. Save your template.

    What are some things you can do with PowerPoint?

    In addition to being a powerful presentation software, PowerPoint is also very versatile. You can use it to create many other types of files, such as posters, infographics, videos, PDF, and more.