What is update to head?

Update to HEAD will do svn update . In other words it will update your working copy to the last revision from the repository. Synchronize with Repository is something similar to svn status -u , but even more.

What is synchronize workspace in eclipse?

SVN Workspace Synchronization is shown in the ‘Synchronize View’ after a click on a ‘Team>Synchronize’ menu item or ‘Synchronize’ button on ‘Team’ toolbar of the ‘Team Synchronizing’ perspective. It provides a probability to inspect the changes types of your local copy from the remote one.

What is head version in svn?

The HEAD revision refers to the most current revision in a repository. If you are browsing the HEAD revision of your repository and one of your teammates commits a change, those new changes will be included when you decide to check out a working copy of that revision or fetch specific information about it.

What does svn refresh do?

The svn update command lets you refresh your locally checked out repository with any changes in the repository HEAD on the server. It also tells you what has been changed, added, deleted. If a change has been made to a file you have also changed locally, svn will try to merge those changes.

How do I pull code from Eclipse?

In the ‘Git Repositories’ window, right-click on the rr-eclipse-git project and select ‘Pull’. Click ok the status message that appears, telling you whether anything was downloaded from the remote repository to your local machine.

What is head commit in git?

The HEAD in Git is the pointer to the current branch reference, which is in turn a pointer to the last commit you made or the last commit that was checked out into your working directory. That also means it will be the parent of the next commit you do.

What is Svnversion?

svnversion is a program for summarizing the revision mixture of a working copy. The resultant revision number, or revision range, is written to standard output. It’s common to use this output in your build process when defining the version number of your program.

How to change the name of a package in Eclipse?

If you are moving the package into another “parent” package, i.e. as a new sub-package, be sure that if the parent package already exists, there are no sub-packages already with the same name. If the parent package does not exist, do NOT make it. Right-click the package you want to move, and select “Refactor/Rename…”

Why does Subclipse not work properly with Eclipse?

Eclipse and Subclipse do not interact properly when moving or renaming packages and folders. Simply moving or renaming the folders as one might naturally do in Eclipse via almost any means is VERY likely to result in conflicts between Eclipse and Subversion that prevent the committing of code to the repository.

What happens if eclipse is not set to auto compile?

If the project is set to auto-compile (“Build Automatically”, the default), Eclipse will immediately and automatically recompile everything, resyncing with the code files and any spurious errors should disappear. If the project is not set for auto-compile, manually click “Project/Build All”.