What is UK link blue?

Your linkblue account gives you access to tools like myUK that you will use to review financial aid, register for classes and view your grades. If you have not already done so, you must activate this account to proceed. • Find your temporary passcode and UK ID number in your acceptance letter from admissions.

What is link blue?

The University of Kentucky Information Technology Services (ITS) created the term “linkblue” to define a directory account (user id and password) which can be used when connecting to many campus-wide systems, including myUK, Canvas and myUK GPS (Graduation Planning System).

Does University of Kentucky use canvas?

The University of Kentucky is pleased to utilize Canvas. All teachers and students have access to this world-renowned learning management system, and their premium Tier 1 support 24/7! Ease of use – managing course materials will be easier for both faculty and students. Multimedia – integration and delivery.

How do I create a blue link?


  1. Next, go to newstudent.uky.edu. For step-by-step directions through the activation wizard, visit go.uky.edu/activate.
  2. Create a new linkblue password.
  3. You’ll register a device for Two-Factor Log-in to create a secure account.

How much is University of Kentucky in state tuition?

Local tuition 12,360 USD, Domestic tuition 30,680 USD (2019 – 20)
University of Kentucky/Undergraduate tuition and fees

Is Kentucky University a good school?

University of Kentucky is ranked #127 in National Universities. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

Why are links always blue?

Hyperlinks are blue for two reasons, depending on who you believe. Blue looks like a default choice. The background is already gray, the text is already black, and light colors don’t show up well on a black/white color scheme. So the options were red, blue and green.

Should hyperlinks be blue?

Hyperlinks should appear interactable. According to a study in link readability, the regular Web user sees blue-and-underlined text as links. Blue and underlined is a good standard to stick to, for no other reason than it’s what we Internet users have been acclimatized ourselves to.

Is instructure canvas free?

Canvas offers two free options for users. A two-week trial account includes built-in course content. An unlimited free account to which individual teachers can subscribe is also available. Schools with multiple teachers who want to use Canvas, however, must pay for the solution.

Is University of Kentucky a good school?

Does University of Kentucky waive out of state tuition?

University of Kentucky does not have any reciprocity agreements with areas outside of Kentucky. Criteria in 13 KAR 2:045 must be met in order for a student to be determined a resident for tuition purposes.

Why is out of state tuition so expensive?

Schools’ reasoning for charging higher out-of-state tuition is because non-resident students’ come from families who haven’t paid tax dollars to the state, and thus to the school. Out-of-state tuition brings in more revenue to the school, which can be used for a variety of purposes.

How to sign up for University of Kentucky linkblue?

New to the University of Kentucky? Welcome! Please select one of the options below to activate your account linkblue customers have the option of supplying a mobile number or an external email address in addition to the traditional security questions. This makes password resets much faster!

When does a linkblue account need to be activated?

Your linkblue account is created within a business day of when, as a student you are accepted, or as an employee you are entered into payroll. The linkblue account must be activated to login to many services.

How do I Change my linkblue account password?

To access the full Account Dashboard head over to the Account Manager Are you a person? Recaptcha requires verification. Your Password has been changed, you may now log in to the Account Manager or any other linkblue enabled application using your new password. Minimum 9 characters or contains a period (.)

How to contact canvas at University of Kentucky?

Email the Learning Management Teamto set up a consultation or to ask UK specific questions. For login issues, please contact ITS Customer Servicesat 859-218-HELP (4357). Resources