What is the treatment for a lateral malleolus fracture?

The lateral malleolus can fracture at a number of different levels, and treatment often depends on where the fracture is located. If the broken bone is not out of place and the ankle is stable, treatment may consist of just wearing a special boot or cast to immobilize the ankle as it heals.

How long does a lateral malleolus take to heal?

Most injuries heal without any problems. However, it may take three to four months for your symptoms to settle completely. Occasionally the fracture / ligaments may fail to heal and continue to be painful, even after three to four months.

What does lateral malleolus mean in medical terms?

: an expanded projection or process at the distal end of the fibula or tibia at the level of the ankle: a : the expanded lower end of the fibula situated on the lateral side of the leg at the ankle. — called also external malleolus, lateral malleolus.

Can you chip your lateral malleolus?

For example, a fracture at the end of the fibula is called a lateral malleolus fracture, or if both the tibia and fibula are broken, it is called a bimalleolar fracture. Two joints are involved in ankle fractures: Ankle joint – where the tibia, fibula, and talus meet.

How do I know if I have lateral malleolus fracture?

Lateral malleolus fractures cause pain, swelling, and bruising around the ankle. Pain in other areas of the foot and ankle should be a reason to suspect a more serious ankle injury than an isolated lateral malleolus fracture.

How do I know if my lateral malleolus is fractured?

What is the function of the lateral malleolus?

The proximal and distal tibiofibular joints permit the fibula to adjust its position relative to the tibia, increasing the range of motion of the ankle. The lateral malleolus also forms the lateral wall of the talocrural joint and reinforces the ankle joint.

Is the lateral malleolus part of the ankle?

Injury to the Distal Fibula of the Ankle. The lateral malleolus is the name given to the bone on the outside of the ankle joint. This bone is part of the fibula, one of two bones of the leg; the other leg bone is called the tibia (shin bone). The tibia carries the vast majority of the weight of the body (about 90 percent),…

When does a lateral malleolus fracture become unstable?

Anyone with a lateral malleolus fracture ought to be analyzed for signs of a more major, unstable ankle fracture. An unstable ankle fracture is an injury that occurs when the fracture causes the ankle joint to not work correctly.

When is stress placed on the fibula and lateral malleolus?

During certain activities such as landing from a jump, a forceful impact to the outer aspect of the ankle or when rolling an ankle, stress is placed on the fibula and lateral malleolus. When this stress is traumatic and beyond what the bone can withstand a break in the lateral malleolus may occur.

How does the ossicle of the lateral malleolus affect ligament reconstruction?

However, the relationship between the presence or the size of an ossicle and the outcome of ligament reconstruction is poorly understood. Therefore, this study aimed to evaluate the effect of an ossicle at the tip of the lateral malleolus on ligament reconstruction in CLAI.