What is the motto of Phi Delta Theta?

One man is no man

Phi Delta Theta
Mission statement The cultivation of friendship among its members, the acquirement individually of a high degree of mental culture, and the attainment personally of a high standard of morality.
Motto Εἰς ἀνὴρ οὐδεις ἀνήρ
Slogan One man is no man.
Colors Azure Argent

Is Phi Delta Theta a good Fraternity?

“We have proven that a fraternity can do very well. There are students who are attracted to a values-based experience.” In fact, among more than 65 international fraternities, Phi Delta Theta is in the top 10 in number of student members.

What is the Phi Delta Theta bond?

Phi Delta Theta teaches men that the commitments outlined in the fraternity’s bond are not merely remote ideals, but areas of discipline for daily life. Phi Delts support, and in turn have the support of, their brothers in living these principles.

What is the AKA sorority pledge?

THE PLEDGE. (Ending of Pledging Ritual) desiring to become a loyal and faithful member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, do pledge myself to respect, obey and defend the Constitution, By-Laws and Rituals of the organization and to abide by all the rules and regulations of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.

What are the cardinal principles of Phi Delta Theta?

These cardinal principles are contained in The Bond of Phi Delta Theta, the document to which each member pledges on his initiation into the fraternity.

What does the Phi Delta Theta Foundation do?

Phi Delta Theta and many other fraternities have an educational foundation fund. Part of the Phi Delta Theta foundation’s aim is to award scholarships to deserving undergraduate members and those pursuing advanced degrees in various graduate schools.

How many Phi Delta Theta houses are there?

Phi Delta Theta chartered house corporations own more than 135 houses valued at over $141 million as of summer 2015. There are nearly 100 recognized alumni clubs across the U.S. and Canada.

Where was the first Phi Delta Theta convention held?

Phi Delta Theta held its first convention in 1851 in Cincinnati, Ohio when the organization had only four chapters. The event was attended by seven members. Despite the limited number, positive steps were taken for the establishment of new chapters by forming an expansion committee.