What is the metro train timings in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad Metro Rail is operational in all three lines from 7:00 am to 10:15 pm on all the days.

Is metro running in Secunderabad?

The Secunderabad East metro station is located on the Blue Line of the Hyderabad Metro….Secunderabad East metro station.

Secunderabad East
Opened 28 November 2017
Electrified 2017
Preceding station Hyderabad Metro Following station Mettuguda towards Nagole Blue Line Parade Ground towards Raidurg

What is the last metro time in Hyderabad today?

Accordingly, Hyderabad Metro Rail will now operate from 7 am (first train) to 10.15 PM (last train from respective stations), reaching all terminating stations around 11.15 PM, with COVID-19 Safety protocol in place.

Is Green Line metro Open in Hyderabad?

The Green Line is a metro rail line of the Hyderabad Metro, a rapid transit system in Hyderabad, India. It consists of 9 active metro stations and operated by Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR)….Hyderabad Metro Green Line Route Map.

Metro Stations Change
◉ Chikkadpally
◉ Narayanguda
◉ Sultan Bazaar
◉ MG Bus Station

Can we carry alcohol in Hyderabad Metro?

Open bottles are not allowed and drinking in the Metro Rail or premises is prohibited. The Hyderabad Metro Rail has finally spelled out its ‘liquor policy’ and said that commuters would be allowed to carry upto two bottles on the Metro, only if they were sealed. Drunk people are not allowed by Metro as a policy.

Can we carry food in Hyderabad Metro?

Eatables are not allowed inside the metro stations and the trains. We solicit your co-operation in keeping our metro clean.

What are the train timings in Hyderabad Metro?

Train Timings. Hyderabad Metro Rail services are now made available across the city by connecting three different lines through three interchange stations. Hyderabad Metro Rail is operational in all three lines from 6:30 am to 9:30 pm on all the days.

Which is the interchange station for Red Line in Hyderabad?

Ameerpet is the interchange station for Red line and Blue line. Hyderabad Metro Rail operates from 06:30 hrs to 22:00 hrs on weekdays and weekends from all terminal stations.

Where to buy Hyderabad Metro Rail smart card?

Hyderabad Metro Rail smart card acts as a virtual wallet that facilitates seamless travel. A smart card can be purchased from a ticketing office at any Hyderabad Metro station or through TSavaari App. A non-refundable admin charge of INR 20/- is collected at the time of the purchase.

Which is the green transportation system in Hyderabad?

It Is green transportation system. Hyderabad Metro Rail now operates its services of Red Line from Miyapur to LB Nagar via Ameerpet and MGBS. It also operates its services of Blue Line from Nagole to Raidurg via Secunderabad and Ameerpet.