What is the meaning of syngeneic?

: involving, derived from, or being genetically identical or similar individuals of the same species especially with respect to antigenic interaction syngeneic tumor cells grafts between syngeneic mice — compare allogeneic.

What are syngeneic cells?

The word “syngenic” or “syngeneic” (from the Greek word for a relative) means genetically identical, or sufficiently identical and immunologically compatible as to allow for transplantation. For example, it may be used for something transplanted from an identical twin.

What is meant by autologous?

1 : derived from the same individual incubated lymphoid cells with autologous tumor cells. 2 : involving one individual as both donor and recipient an autologous blood transfusion an autologous bone marrow transplant.

What is syngeneic mouse model?

What is a syngeneic mouse model? Syngeneic mouse models, also known as Allograft mouse tumor systems, consist of tumor tissues derived from the same genetic background as a given mouse strain. As the syngeneic mice retain intact immune systems, they are particularly relevant for studies of immunotherapies.

What’s the meaning of allograft?

Listen to pronunciation. (A-loh-graft) The transplant of an organ, tissue, or cells from one individual to another individual of the same species who is not an identical twin.

What is athymic?

(ay-THY-mik nood …) A type of laboratory mouse that is hairless, lacks a normal thymus gland, and has a defective immune system because of a genetic mutation. Athymic nude mice are often used in cancer research because they do not reject tumor cells, from mice or other species.

What is an orthotopic model?

Orthotopic models involve implantation of tumor cell lines or patient-derived cell xenografts into animal tumor models into the organ or tissue which matches the tumor histotype. This creates a more disease-relevant environment for the assessment of tumor growth, which can be analyzed by optical imaging.

Is autologous and autogenous the same?

Webster’s Dictionary defines autogenous as “produced independently of external influence or aid” and autologous as “derived from the same individual involving one individual as both donor and recipient.”17 The Oxford English Dictionary defines autogenous as “self-produced, independent,” and autologous as “derived from …

What is piggyback technique?

The piggyback technique seeks to simplify the liver transplant by generally obviating the need for VVB by allowing venous return through the IVC. This technique involves full preservation of the recipient IVC with anastomosis of the donor IVC directly to the hepatic veins of the recipient[2,3].