What is the meaning of crushing it?

Crushing it is a common expression used when someone is doing their job particularly well, or exceeding all of their goals. Unlike the the literal definition of the word “crush” (to destroy with force to the point of injury), “crushing it” has an extremely positive connotation.

How do you describe a crush?

The adjective crushing can be used to describe physical devastation, like a boxer’s crushing blow to his opponent’s face, but it more often describes a humiliating or dismaying situation. Bad news might be a crushing blow, and being turned down for a date to the prom could feel like a crushing rejection.

What type of word is crushed?

CRUSHED (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is crushing hard?

“It’s a very sudden onset of feelings about someone and it’s normally almost ‘loving’ someone from afar.” Usually it’s someone that we don’t know that much about, outside of maybe what they look like or a couple of basic facts.

What does crushing mean in love?

a short-term but extreme feeling of love for someone. have strong feelings of love for someone mostly one-sided. to have romantic feelings for a person, usually with no results.

What does crushing hard mean?

What does first crush mean?

A crush is a word used to describe special feelings you have for another person, a classmate, or friend that you really like. Noticing your first crush is an exciting time in life because you’re beginning to understand how it feels to like another person — a lot!

What does crushed mean in slang?

as a slang, when you say you have a crush on someone it means you have someone you’ve developed a strong desire for him/her, that you’re in love with him/her. or you can say that this person that you’re in love with is your crush. See a translation.

How do I know if Im crushing on someone?

How To Know If You Have A Crush On Someone?

  1. You think about them constantly. Subscribe.
  2. You dress well when they are around.
  3. You plan the conversations in your head.
  4. You get nervous when you’re around them.
  5. You want to be around them.
  6. You see them everywhere.
  7. You follow them online.
  8. You consider their opinion.

How does a crushing blow work in Wow?

A crushing blow is an attack made by an mob or NPC that deals 150% of the damage caused by a normal successful attack. A Player cannot perform a crushing blow (unless under Mind Control, in which case they are treated as mobs). When the attacking mob is more than 4 levels above the target, there is a chance of being struck by a crushing blow.

Which is the best definition of the word crushed?

1. The act of crushing or the pressure involved in crushing: matter superheated by the crush of gravity around black holes. 2. A great crowd: a crush of spectators. 3. A substance prepared by or as if by crushing, especially a fruit drink: orange crush.

How to reduce your chance of getting a crushing blow?

The only way to reduce your chance of receiving a Crushing Blow is for your combined chance to be missed, to dodge, to parry, and to block to be so high that the Crushing Blow chance is pushed off the bottom end of your attacker’s Attack Table. Use the following formula to determine your miss/dodge/parry/block rate:

What does crushing blow do in Diablo IV?

Crushing Blow is a special magic property in Diablo II and Diablo IV that allows delivering a devastating blow for massive damage equal to a percentage of the enemy Life.