What is the meaning of Cercopithecidae?

: a family of primates that includes all the Old World monkeys except the anthropoid apes and is coextensive with a superfamily (Cercopithecoidea)

How many species of Cercopithecidae are there?

133 species
The family Cercopithecidae includes 22 genera and 133 species.

Are Cercopithecines monogamous?

Old World monkeys generally live in either single-male or multi-male polygynous groups; monogamy is rare. Males regularly emigrate from their natal group and may move through several troops during their lifetime. All have single births.

Are orangutans Cercopithecidae?

4.5. 1 Pongo (Orangutan), Gorilla (Gorilla), and Pan (Chimpanzee and Bonobo) Relative to the Cercopithecidae brain, major changes have occurred in the cerebral cortex of hominids, especially in the frontal lobe (Connolly, 1936, 1950). The inferior precentral sulcus branches off of the inferior frontal sulcus.

What is the monkeys scientific name?

Monkey Scientific name Monkeys fall under two scientific names: simiiformes catarrhini and simiiformes platyrrhini. Simiiformes, from which the word “simian” is derived, comes from the latin “simia” for ape or monkey.

Which are Old World monkeys?

Old World monkey genera include baboons (genus Papio) and macaques (genus Macaca). Common names for other Old World monkeys include the talapoin, guenon, colobus, douc (douc langur, genus Pygathrix), vervet, gelada, mangabey (a group of genera), langur, mandrill, surili (Presbytis), patas, and proboscis monkey.

Are Old World monkeys monogamous?

The only known monogamous anthropoid primates were the Old World gibbons (Hylobates spp.) Reproductive groups of all known Old World monkeys, represented by approximately 85 species, are either polygamous or promiscuous5.

What are the two groups of Cercopithecoidea monkeys?

The Platyrrhini are commonly divided into two families. The Callitricidae are the most primitive monkeys. The Cebidae are larger and are also the only primates that have prehensile tails. Both families are almost entirely arboreal and vegetarian.

What is the order of orangutan?