What is the main idea of graduation by Maya Angelou?

In Maya Angelou’s “Graduation,” Marguerite Johnson’s sense of pride in her academic achievements and upcoming graduation is challenged by the commencement speaker’s stereotypical views of African-Americans, but a familiar song renews Marguerite’s sense of accomplishment while giving her a greater awareness of the …

How old was Maya Angelou in graduation?

twelve years old
Before she considered herself finished she had added a crocheted cuff on the puff sleeves, and a pointy crocheted collar. I was going to be lovely. A walking model of all the various styles of fine hand sewing and it didn’t worry me that I was only twelve years old and merely graduating from the eighth grade.

Is graduation by Maya Angelou A short story?

Sudderth Maya Angelou’s “Graduation” is a short story describing Maya Angelou’s high school graduation from her own point of view. The way Angelou describes her surroundings and the emotions felt during the event makes the reader feel as if they were right next to Maya watching her class graduate.

How does Angelou’s graduation inform the reader about graduation?

Angelou fills the readers expectations about a graduation by describing usual graduation occurrences; such as a speaker, walking down an isle, the end of finals, and a speaker. 2-an obviously racist white man, gives the commencement speech.

How did Maya feel about graduation?

Maya feels that he has blemished the joy of the graduation day by insinuating that black children only achieved greatness through sports, not through academics. The members of the eighth-grade class hang their heads in shame.

What is Angelou’s thesis?

Angelou’s thesis was implicit. She showed us the importance of standing up for ourselves both through her struggle and through Mrs. Cullinans. Angelou leads us to this conclusion rather than telling us so we can form our own opinions.

What grade is Maya graduating from in Graduation?

“Graduation” describes Maya Angelou’s graduation from the eighth grade. There is great excitement before the event, but it is spoiled by the patronizing speech of a white politician who suggests that, while white children can do anything, black children should limit their aspirations to sporting prowess.

What do you say in a Graduation party speech?

Graduation Speech Introductions Examples

  • “Thank you [person who introduced you].
  • “It’s my honor today to deliver the commencement address for this incredible student body.”
  • “It is my pleasure to welcome students, families, and faculty to graduation day at [school’s name].

How did Maya distinguish herself as a high school graduate?

How did Maya distinguish herself as a high school graduate? She differs from standard expectations by describing such as the lack of students going to high school and the importance placed on this achievement, the references to god and prayer made in the ceremony, and the stress laid on race.

What does her brother Bailey give her as a graduation gift?

Uncle Willie and Momma have ordered her a Mickey Mouse watch like the one owned by Bailey. As for Bailey himself, on the morning of his sister’s graduation, he gives Marguerite a box wrapped in Christmas paper.

Where does Momma tell Maya and Bailey they will be going to live?

Not long afterward, Momma begins planning a trip to take Bailey and Maya to live in California with their mother.