What is the iSCSI interface used for?

iSCSI is a block protocol for storage networking and runs the very common SCSI storage protocol across a network connection which is usually Ethernet. iSCSI, like Fibre Channel, can be used to create a Storage Area Network (SAN). iSCSI traffic can be run over a shared network or a dedicated storage network.

How does iSCSI interface connect to the Internet?

How iSCSI works. ISCSI works by transporting block-level data between an iSCSI initiator on a server and an iSCSI target on a storage device. The iSCSI protocol encapsulates SCSI commands and assembles the data in packets for the TCP/IP layer. Packets are sent over the network using a point-to-point connection.

What is iSCSI HBA?

An iSCSI host bus adapter (more commonly, HBA) implements a hardware initiator. A typical HBA is packaged as a combination of a Gigabit (or 10 Gigabit) Ethernet network interface controller, some kind of TCP/IP offload engine (TOE) technology and a SCSI bus adapter, which is how it appears to the operating system.

Does iSCSI use HBA?

The iSCSI initiator software for Windows is available from Microsoft at no charge. In some cases, you can even SAN boot a host with an iSCSI software initiator and a supported NIC. iSCSI HBAs are best used for SAN booting. An iSCSI HBA implements SAN booting just like an FC HBA.

Can iSCSI be routed?

Summary. In summary, iSCSI (yes, even routed) can work quite well as long as you use common sense and a few good ideas: Use some kind of hardware-based L3 switching. Cisco’s example is IP CEF.

What is the iSCSI host bus adapter ( HBA )?

The iSCSI adapter, also known as an iSCSI host bus adaptor (HBA) or iSCSI NIC, facilitates the mapping of Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) commands to TCP/IP to allow the input/output (I/O) of data with iSCSI-based storage systems.

How does iSCSI transport packets across a network?

iSCSI transports packets across TCP/IP networks. The iSCSI target is the remote storage, which appears to the host system as a local drive. The iSCSI protocol links the hosts and storage over IP networks: LAN, WAN, and Internet.

Who are the clients of an iSCSI interface?

In a simple word, we can say that iSCSI is a client-server architecture. The Clients of an iSCSI interface are known as “initiators” and the server that shares the storage area known as “targets”. It is built on TCP/IP Protocol for sharing the data in the network.

How does the Internet small computer system interface work?

Internet Small Computer System Interface is a transport layer protocol that is built on top of TCP Protocol. It ensures data transfer between the iSCSI initiator and the storage target over the TCP/IP network at the block level.