What is the hardest German accent to understand?

In particular, Swiss German, which is spoken in northern Switzerland and extreme Southwest Germany, can be phenomenally difficult to understand. Many say it’s akin to an American listening to an extreme Scottish accent; it can almost sound like another language entirely.

What is the best German accent?

Bavarian dialect
The Bavarian dialect is Germany’s best-loved accent, according to a new poll from monthly magazine Daheim in Deutschland. The lilting southern Bayerisch German accent was favoured by 44 percent of those surveyed.

Is Swabian a language?

Swabian, the most widespread and still-ascending form, is spoken to the west and south of Stuttgart and as far east as Augsburg. Low Alemannic is spoken in Baden-Württemberg and Alsace, and High Alemannic is the dialect of German-speaking Switzerland.…

How do do a German accent?

To take on a German accent, push the sound forward and up in your mouth so it’s pronounced with your tongue against the roof of your mouth. The resulting sound should resemble the English “ch” sound.

Can High German understand Low German?

Niederdeutsch is a demotic form of German, where High German is the standardised German that is generally learned and accepted. You could say High German is like BBC English, and Niederdeutsch (low German) is like everyday English, with all its idiosyncracies.

Is there a posh German accent?

As mentioned above, there is no the-one-and-only Hochdeutsch. In Germany it’s called ‘Hochdeutsch’, in Austria ‘höheres Deutsch’ and I bet the Swiss have their own word for it. The general rule is to speak every syllable as clearly as possible.

Is Swiss German a written language?

Swiss German Standard German is normally used only for written language and for the national broadcast news. Yet many Swiss also write in Swiss German to each other, spelling the words the way they pronounce them. But there is no official Swiss German written language.

What do I need to do to get a German accent?

If you’re an actor, you may find yourself auditioning to play a German character. In this case, you’ll need to modify some core consonant and vowel sounds to make your speech sound more authentically Germanic (although you won’t actually be speaking German ). Most importantly for English speakers, the German language has no “w” or “th” sounds.

Are there any North German expressions in English?

There are also some North German expressions that are in use even in Standard High German but are seldom heard in Southern Germany, such as “plietsch” for “intelligent”. High German is divided into Central German, High Franconian and Upper German .

Where does the DG sound go in a German accent?

In English, “dg” makes a low “j” sound that occurs mostly in the back of the mouth. To take on a German accent, push the sound forward and up in your mouth so it’s pronounced with your tongue against the roof of your mouth.

How to pronounce oo in a German accent?

Pronounce the double “oo” sound like a short “u.” In a word like “book,” the English “oo” sound is pronounced from relatively deep in the throat. To change your speech for a German accent, tighten up this vowel sound so that it resembles a slightly nasal “u” sound.