What is the food legislation?

Food legislation is designed to protect consumers from foods that could be injurious to their health (laws on food safety) and from misleading information (laws on food labeling, advertising, and fair commercial practices).

What is the Australian food standards Code?

The Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (the Code) sets legal requirements for the labelling, composition, safety, handling, and primary production and processing of food in Australia. The Code applies to any business or activity that involves the handling of food for sale, or the sale of food in Australia.

What are food quality standards?

1. To what extent a product meets the demands of a given group of consumers, or to what extent a classified food is suitable to be in a given quality group in order to fulfill the requirements of consumers.

Does Australia have strict food regulations?

Australia has strict regulations and standards to make sure our foods are safe – whether local or imported.

What are the food laws and regulations?

The term “food law” applies to legislation which regulates the production, trade and handling of food and hence covers the regulation of food control, food safety, quality and relevant aspects of food trade across the entire food chain, from the provision for animal feed to the consumer.

What are four key components of a food safety program?


  • hazard analysis.
  • identifying critical control points.
  • establishing critical limits.
  • monitoring.
  • taking corrective action.
  • keeping records.
  • verifying results.

What are the four levels of food standards?

By practicing the four Cs of food hygiene – cross-contamination, cleaning, cooking and chilling – those working with food can avoid food poisoning and other illnesses.

What is difference between food safety and food quality?

Food safety refers to the concept that diseases like pathogenic microorganisms, misuse of food additives and contaminants such as chemical or biological toxins and adulteration are prevented, whereas food quality is comprised of a series of consumers’ attributes that collectively influence them to put different values …

Why is BRC the global standard for food safety?

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety facilitates standardization of quality, safety, operational criteria and compliance with the legal obligations of manufacturers. It also helps to provide consumer protection. This standard allows organizations to: Conduct audits combined with ISO 9001 and HACCP standards.

What are the requirements of the BRC standard?

Senior management need to demonstrate commitment to meeting the requirements of the BRC standard by provision of sufficient resources, communication, review and taking actions to improve. A multi-disciplinary team need to develop a Food Safety Plan incorporating CODEX HACCP principles that is comprehensive, implemented and maintained.

What should I do on my BRC food site?

Natalie Bungay, BPCA Technical Officers, offers pest management professionals the following advice: “For the most part, you should continue what you are doing on your BRC Food sites. Just make sure you’re aware of potential bird ingress points, roosting areas, or area of low pressure and recommend proofing measures accordingly”.

What are the sections of issue 8 of the brcgs?

Issue 8 of the Standard is divided into nine sections: 1. Senior Management Commitment Commitment at a senior level is essential in the development of a good food safety culture and is therefore necessary for any food safety system to be effective and to ensure the full application and continual development of these systems.