What is the first thing a javelin thrower needs to learn?

The first thing some throwers must learn is that the javelin is thrown with the entire body. The overhand delivery may remind many athletes of baseball or football throwing, but those techniques won’t work when you’re throwing the javelin.

What are the stages of javelin?

The javelin technique sequence comprises of 4 phases: An approach, a 5-step rhythm, throw and recovery.

Is javelin throw difficult?

Javelin redesigns The world record had also crept up to a potentially dangerous level, 104.80 m (343.8 ft) by Uwe Hohn. With throws exceeding 100 meters, it was becoming difficult to safely stage the competition within the confines of a stadium infield.

Is javelin throwing hard?

The javelin throw can be extremely strenuous and tough. At first glance, it may simply seem as if you are throwing a long rod; in reality, a lot of athletic ability and strategy go into throwing the javelin.

What is the current world record for javelin?

98.48 metres
Jan Zelezny of the Czech Republic holds the current world record (with the redesigned javelin) of 98.48 metres. Four-time Olympic medallist Zelezny achieved the milestone in 1996.

How do you throw a javelin ks1?

Here are the teaching points:

  1. Grip the javelin by resting the javelin on the palm of your hand with the point aiming away from your body.
  2. Hold the javelin in the middle. (
  3. Stand side on and aim with your free arm into the direction you want the javelin to go.
  4. Extend your arm and put your weight on your back foot.

How can I get children to throw javelin?

The children will put all the discrete skills of the javelin and try to throw as far as they can. You can get a tape measure out to record their times. This links with the data collection and handling area of numeracy. Building on the previous game, the children will be forced to work on their aim.

How to teach javelin throwing in the Athletics module?

When teaching throwing in the athletics module, the javelin throw is an activity the children always love doing. Here are the teaching points: 1. Grip the javelin by resting the javelin on the palm of your hand with the point aiming away from your body. If you straighten your arm the javelin should point towards you.

What’s the best way to fight with a javelin?

Javelin Fighting. Sticks and stones may break bones, but don’t let an enemy javelin throw you off your tower! Click and drag back to increase the power of your throw to knock down your enemy. Pro tip: hit them in the head and it’s an immediate win! Unlock special powers like jump and duck to help you reach your high score.

How to make an athletics throwing game for kids?

As well as using discuses, the game could be played with other athletics implements including modified shots and javelins, and also adapted for use in other sports. Divide the kids into pairs or small groups of no more than 4 athletes. For each pair/group, set up a target area like the one pictured below using hoops or similar.