What is the fees of Pathways World School?

IB Board Fee Structure – Day School

Annual Fees ₹ 550000
Transport Fee ₹ 109000
Admission Fee ₹ 140000
Application Fees ₹ 20000
Security Fee ₹ 275000

Is Pathways a good school?

school has been consistently ranked among the top international schools in the country. In the latest Education World Rankings for International Day cum Residential Schools, Pathways Aravali was ranked 1 in the whole of North India and ranked 2 in INDIA.

Is pathways a boarding school?

Pathways World School Aravali is a residential and day boarding school and students from all parts of India and the world may be enrolled as full term/ weekly or day boarders. Both Pathways School Gurgaon and Pathways School Noida are day boarding schools.

What is a pathway school?

Pathway is a nonprofit, private special education school serving students ages 5–21 with mild to moderate Autism Spectrum Disorder, intellectual and significant learning disabilities, emotional challenges, and neurological impairments such as ADHD or Mood and Anxiety Disorders.

What is the fees of Pathways School Noida?

Fees: For resident Indians, yearly composite school fee is Rs 67,000 to 115,000, for NRIs minimum yearly fee is Rs 81,000 and maximum is Rs 140,000.

What is the fees of Pathways school Noida?

What is an IB board?

IB: This stands for International Baccalaureate. The board provides standardized worldwide education to students, which gives them a lifelong practical learning experience. This is the most popular and preferred board in India and focuses on the comprehensive knowledge of the students.

What is graduate pathway?

What is a graduate pathway program? This educational option is designed to help individuals prepare for university degree programs. Students who complete a pathway program are often working on improving their language skills as they prepare for further education.