What is the end of the spear movie about?

Mincayani (Louie Leonardo), a tribesman in the Ecuadorean rain forest, lives by a violent code: kill or be killed. His world changes after he and his family kill a group of missionaries. Following the massacre, Mincayani and his family abandon violence and embrace their enemies. When the now-grown son (Chad Allen) of one of the slain missionaries returns to learn about his father’s death, he becomes part of Mincayani’s family.
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Is end of the spear a true story?

This award-winning film offers a stirring journey deep into the Amazon jungle and the human condition. Based on the true accounts of five missionaries speared to death by a forrest tribe, the film weaves together the story of a bereaved son and the tribal leader who took part in the brutal killings.

Is the movie missionary based on a true story?

A feature film telling the true story of missionary Graham Staines, whose grisly murder by religious extremists made worldwide news in 1999, is in the works from a Texas entertainment company delving into movie production and distribution for the first time.

Does Netflix have the end of the spear?

End of the Spear is available on Netflix Instant, on DVD, and for church screenings.

What year did end of the spear come out?

2 December 2005
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Who were the five missionaries killed in Ecuador?

Fifty years ago today, tribesmen in Ecuador speared five American missionaries. The deaths of Peter Fleming, 27; Jim Elliot, 28; Ed McCully, 28; Roger Youderian, 31, and Nate Saint, 32, made headlines for weeks, and produced a bestseller.

Where is the waterfall in the mission?

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Iguazu Falls
One of the most memorable scenes in the film takes place when members of the GuaranĂ­ community living above Iguazu Falls tie a priest to a cross and send him over the falls to his death.

When was End of the Spear made?

Where can I watch the movie the end of the spear?

Currently you are able to watch “End of the Spear” streaming on IMDB TV Amazon Channel or for free with ads on Tubi TV. It is also possible to rent “End of the Spear” on Apple iTunes, Amazon Video online and to download it on Apple iTunes, Amazon Video.

How long is the end of the spear movie?

1h 48m
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What happened Jim Elliott?

Philip James Elliot (October 8, 1927 – January 8, 1956) was an American Christian missionary and one of five people killed during Operation Auca, an attempt to evangelize the Huaorani people of Ecuador. …