What is the difference between EST and reflex binding?

Please note that EST® bindings will only mount to boards with The Channel™. Re:flex bindings allow you to mount your bindings on The Channel™, 3 hole, or 4 hole pattern boards. The RE:Flex™ bindings still flex, unlike some other bindings, so you still get great feel, just not in the same league as EST® bindings.

What is reflex binding?

The Reflex binding system fits comfortably on your foot and provides increased edge control and power. The binding release mechanism is much safer than classical rubber bindings. You can adjust very precisely the release system to your weight for a safe ride.

Do Burton bindings come with discs?

Re:Flex bindings come with discs to fit Burton Channel boards, or other brands’ 4×4 hole pattern boards. If you are in need of 3D discs to fit onto an older 3D hole pattern Burton board, please contact our Guides at 800-881-3138 and they can assist you with receiving a pair.

Do EST bindings make a difference?

Typically EST bindings have slightly better board feel (though the board feel on Re:Flex bindings is really good to) and Re:Flex bindings have more shock absorbing qualities.

Are GNU bindings good?

The Gnu Choice is a quick release/ quick strap binding. Normally this is a huge turn off because either they don’t offer a true quick strap and also don’t usually offer the same response and all-around performance of the better traditional strap bindings.

Do you need Burton boots for Burton bindings?

The Burton Step On Bindings get you snowboarding quick. They require the Burton Step On boots and allow you to easily slide your boot in and click your heel into place.

What does EST bindings stand for?

Extra Sensory Technology
EST stands for Extra Sensory Technology and this designation only applies to a specific type of non-disk Burton Bindings that are solely compatible with Burton Channel/ICS (Infinite Channel System) Snowboards.

Are EST bindings better?

Do pros use Burton step on?

Burton splashed them out to all their Pro-Rider team so there are videos out there of of Pros using Step-on, but they are all Step-on promo videos as far as I’ve seen… do people use them? Well, that’s a different question.

Are Burton step ons good for beginners?

What are Burton Step Ons? Step Ons are a great choice for beginners providing ease and taking the stress out of learning, right through to pros seeking unprecedented performance providing heel-to-toe response and two difference heel engagement positions for those seeking to carve or aggressive ride terrain.