What is the default password for the SYS user?

Default user name and password The installation program will install the SYSDBA user with the password masterkey (actually, it’s masterke : characters after the eighth are ignored). If your server is exposed to the Internet at all, you should change this password immediately using the gsec command-line utility.

How do I change my Dbsnmp password?

How to Change DBSNMP Password in Database 10g and 11g Monitored by DB Control

  1. Stop the standalone dbconsole.
  2. Check that the DB Control is stopped.
  3. Connect to the database as a user with DBA privilege with SQL*Plus and execute.
  4. Check the new password.
  5. Go to $ORACLE_HOME/host_sid/sysman/emd.

What is the default Sysdba password in Oracle?

CHANGE_ON_INSTALL is default password for sys and system. You can directly login to database as sysdba from host machine and using installation user of oracle and execute below command to change system or sys password.

What is Sqlplus default password?

For further information about the default logins, see the Oracle Database Administrator’s Guide. You are prompted to enter the password, FOX. In the command-line interface, if you omit the username and password, SQL*Plus prompts you for them.

What is the default DBSNMP password for Oracle?

ORACLE creates a default account with the user ID “DBSNMP” and password “ORACLE”. It is best practice to remove default accounts, if possible. For accounts required by the system, the default password should be changed. This account grants manager level access to the system.

What was the origin of the DBSNMP account?

The origination of the DBSNMP account was to support Oracle SNMP, (Simple Network Management Protocol.)

What is the default password for Oracle Database?

SYSTEM ( Default generic database administrator account for Oracle databases.) Password: Created at installation or database creation time. Password: Created at installation or database creation time.

Is the EM Express still dependent on the dbnsmp user?

EM Express still is dependent upon the DBNSMP user and to find out if you have it installed and configured in DB12c is a quick query run away: If it comes back without a value or error, nope, you need to run through the steps here to get it set up.