What is the breeding combination for Punkleton?

Cutting right to the chase, here’s the monster combination to breed Punkleton in My Singing Monsters: Bowgart + T-Rox. Jam Boree + Gobbleygourd.

How long does it take to breed pumpkin?

Generally, pumpkins take 90-120 days to mature after seeds are planted, depending on the variety. Pumpkins are ripe when they are fully colored and have a hard rind and woody stem.

How long does it take to breed epic Punkleton?

Breeding Combinations

Default: Enhanced:
1 day, 7 hours, 10 minutes 23 hours, 22 minutes, 30 seconds

How do you breed a YOOL on cold island?


  1. Cold Island: + Thumpies and Congle.
  2. Seasonal Shanty: + Gobbleygourd and Schmoochle.

How do you breed a YOOL 2021?

Is it possible to breed a Punkleton?

NOTE: Punkleton can only be bred or purchased during the available dates.

Are there breeding promotions for my Singing Monsters?

Check the Mailbox often to see if there are any breeding promotions for Epics. Having your Wishing Torches lit increases the odds of a successful Breeding attempt. Increasing the level of the ‘parent’ Monsters increases the odds of a successful Breeding attempt, up to at least Level 15.

How to breed punkleton monster 100% real in my Singing Monsters?

How to breed Punkleton Monster 100% Real in My Singing Monsters! [LIMITED EDITION] – YouTube

How to choose the best monsters to breed?

When choosing which monsters to breed, it does not matter which monster is on the left or right column. Star * indicates there are multiple combinations for breeding the desired monster. When Breeding, pick a combination (if more than one) that will take the least amount of time.

What are the seasonal monsters in my Singing Monsters?

Seasonal Monsters. 1 Punkleton (near Halloween) 2 Yool (winter holiday season) 3 Schmoochle (near Valentine’s Day) 4 Blabbit (near Easter) 5 Hoola (various) Previous PREVIOUS Walkthrough NEXT Collectibles Next. Was this guide helpful?